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Geeking 4 Everyone's Weekly Comic Picks (10-22-13)

Every week we like to give our fans a weekly recommendation list of our top choices for the week. Our intention is not to give away any spoilers, only a summary of what the book is about.  We like to give our top ten plus a Children's book so you know what to pick up for your little ones. This week we tried to suggest as many Halloween books as we could with Halloween in a week.  Here's our top ten for the week:

Beware The Batman #1:  This is a brand new Batman series for all ages, and we always try and pick up the first of a new Batman series when it comes out.  In this brand new series, Bruce Wayne has been learning fighting skills from Alfred for years, and now its time to take down Gotham's criminal underground as his new role as Batman.  Will he be able to do it?  What trouble could Batman run into along his way to taking down Gotham's criminal? 

Doctor Who Vol. #3 #14:  Every week that a Doctor Who book is released we try and pick one up.  We have always enjoyed reading and its one of the first things we look for when we pick up new books.  This series we have really been enjoying it is packed with plenty of revelations and action to go around.  In this weeks book, Clara and Calamity Jane are shot and killed by Wild Bill.  But how could this be when he is no longer alive?  Lots of confusion that will be cleared up in this weeks issue.  It sounds like the Doctor holds all the secrets and answers, but he's not budging.

Haunted Horror #7:  Since we are trying to recommend as many Halloween books as we can this week and also are in the mood for some Halloween books filled with horror, we are picking up this book this week.  This is one that we have always wanted to read, but have never had the chance to.  Beware this book is only for those of you that like lots of gory horror.  This book was actually banned from some stores in the 1950's for being a little too much.  If you want something for Halloween that is strictly for adults then this is the book for you.  What will Haunted Horror have in store for us this week?

Justice League Dark #24:  This is one series that we have always enjoyed so we are continuing on with our collection this week.  Don't forget that Justice League #24 is also available this week.  In this weeks book, The Justice League Dark is dead, and we find out how John Constantine survived.  Will he try and stop the new villains or will he join them?  Will anyone be able to stop the villains with Justice League Dark gone? 

Iron Man #17:  It has been a while since we have read any Iron Man comics, but we are excited for this weeks book.  This is suppose to be the Iron Man book that holds the most revelations with Tony Stark.  Marvel has promised some revelations that no Iron Man fans will want to miss out on.   This book is all about Tony Stark, and lots of secrets will be uncovered in this issue.  There will even be revelations that Tony did not know himself.  My prediction is that we may find out more about Tony's family and possibly Howard Stark.  Or maybe new family members that Tony never knew about. What revelations will we find out about Tony Stark?  

Kids Pick: Bravest Warriors #13:  This is our kids recommendation of the week, and it is a fun and exciting series that your little ones will love.  Packed with action and tons of curiosity to keep them entertained.  One thing we love about this series for kids is there is a lesson to learn in every book and its also packed with tons of action to keep them interested.  The art in this book is also great for the little ones.  For more gender related books I would go with TMNT Animated series or My Little Pony.  Or you can get all three, you can't go wrong with Christmas coming up.

Secret Avengers #10:  This is a series that we have not had the chance to check out yet, and we are intrigued by this series and looking forward to this book.  With the Avengers gone, S.H.I.E.L.D. is on their own, and have to be able to handle Thanos' strikes alone.  Will they be able to take down Thanos and handle the strikes or is everyone doomed? Its up to Agent Coulson, Maria Hill, and Nick Fury to defend against Thanos' strikes and we find out what the deal is with the newest member of The Secret Avengers. 

Vampirella/Eva/Dracula Halloween Special:  This is our Halloween book choice for the week being released.  There didn't seem to be too many Halloween books being released this week, but this one should fill any Halloween comic book cravings.  We also wanted to get this book because it has been a while since we have read or seen anything with any of these characters so it will be a nice change.  In this book, Vampirella, Eva, and Dracula are all teaming up and joining forces again to take down the Doomsday Cult that is threatening the Earth.  It will be one obstacle after another in this Halloween special and you can expect loads of excitement.  

Wolverine and the X-Men #37:  We always try and get at least on X-men book per month and we have been enjoying this series so we are continuing on with our collection.  In this week book, it Battle of The Atom part 8.  Wolverine is especially in trouble when he loses his healing factor takes a bad hit.  Will he be able to recover and fight?  Marvel has also revealed that there will be a big secret revealed in this issue for the end of 2013.  What could it be??  We are excited for another exciting issue of Wolverine and the X-Men #37.

Zombie War #1:  It has been a while since we have read any zombie comic books that wasn't the Walking Dead so it will be nice for a change.  With Kevin Eastman on this book we feel that this book will meet our expectations.  There will be two giant sized issues in this series, and this is the first of the two.  Zombies are always a big threat, but an even bigger threat when they carry and use weapons as these zombies do.  This book is the perfect treat for Halloween.  Jina, A pilot tries to figure out what will stop these creatures, and what provoked them in the first place.  Will the zombies be able to be stopped?  What damage will the zombies cause along the way? 

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The Walking Dead: Recap and Review of Season 4, Episode 1

The moment we had all been waiting for finally arrived on Sunday night when the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead aired.  With a whopping 16.1 million viewers The Walking Dead broke the record for the most viewers in the history of television.  It is amazing how far The Walking Dead has come in only four seasons, and we are very excited for the fourth season of one of our favorite TV shows of all time. This show has exceeded our expectations the more and more we watch it. 

In the episode 30 Days Since an Accident it had been a month in their world since an accident and everything seemed pretty calm for the most part at the prison.  There seemed to be a herd of zombies at the fence, but nothing out of the ordinary in their World. There seemed to be a remarkable amount of new additions made to the prison.  There was a barn now, crops, and the group seemed to be very settled in and everyone had their own jobs and roles in helping out around the Prison.  The group had also set up several zombie traps outside of the prison yard.   There also seemed to be new romances in the air, Beth had a new boyfriend named Jack.  Carol was calling Daryl "pookie", and there also seemed to be some crushes going on with the kids.  Daryl had also brought even more people that he found out in the woods so even more people were added to the prison besides the people in Woodbury.  Daryl had become the new hero to all the people that he had brought in.  We also know that Maggie is not pregnant, but she wants to live life normally and have a baby with Glenn. 

The episode started with Rick digging for new crops and he had his headphones on to avoid hearing the zombies at the fence.  While digging he ran into a gun, and when he found it he took the clip out of it and threw it in the wheelbarrow.  It seems as though Rick is starting to take the more conservative approach, and is hesitant about guns for some reason. Does he feel how Hershel did on the farm and just wants things to be peaceful and not draw attention?  This is the first thing that entered our minds when we were watching Rick be so hesitant to something he used on a daily basis before this point.  He always encouraged everyone to carry a gun for safety and now it was almost as if he didn't want guns to exist.  In the beginning, him being so drawn away from guns, almost makes it seem as if he was still a little off, but we felt like this was Rick just trying to keep things peaceful.  Then he and Carl start talking about the pig being sick.  Right at this moment I knew that pig was infected, it was just very obvious and this is when I really started to think that the animals were infected and this could be a tragedy for the entire group.  If the pig was infected what else could be there that's infected animal wise? Shortly after this Michonne comes back from her hunt for the governor, and finds no signs of him.  The rest of the group (especially Daryl) doesn't seem to be very supportive of her hunting down the governor out of concern for her safety.  The rest of the group is about to go on a food and supply run, but Rick sits this one out because he needed to go check the zombie traps in the woods.  At this point he runs into a woman, Clara.  He was talking about bringing her back to the camp, but then she leads him back to her camp to help out and Rick discovers that her husband is a zombie.  Her husband was too weak to fight, and looked to be covered by some type of cloth.  It was obvious that Clara had completely lost it and had given up.  She didn't feel like she could redeem herself from the bad things she had done.  As her and Rick were chatting by her tent, she all of a sudden tries to stab Rick and he dodges her and then she takes the knife and stabs herself.  She then asked Rick not to kill her so she could live with her husband.  He then leaves and then heads back to the prison and talks to Hershel.  Hershel explains to Rick that even if he lost both kids he would still have to carry on.  From this point on we knew Rick would be just fine.  He had finally over come the guilt of everything that had happened in the previous season.  While all this was going on  Daryl had an idea to go check out The Big Spot in town and so he and Michonne, Sasha, Tyrese, Jack, and the new guy Bob all headed into town.  What they didn't realize is that The Big Spot had a crashed helicopter on top of the building with tons of zombies on top of the building, and of course the roof was extremely damaged from the crash and herds of zombies on top of the building.  When they pulled up Bob was just staring at a persons legs who had the whole top half of them missing.  I think from this point on Bob knew something was up, when Bob approached the store after the other went inside he went to go take a bottle of Alcohol and the shelf crashed making a whole bunch of noise attracting all the zombies to one part of the roof.  His one problem with alcohol may have costed the entire group their lives. Then all of a sudden, zombies started crashing through the roof.  The only casualty before the rest of the group escaped was Jack.  Poor Beth. This had been her second loss of a significant other since her husband died at the farm.  The group comes back to the prison and Daryl goes to break the terrible news to Beth.  When he told her she seemed numb, almost like it didn't bother her that he was gone or that she was just so distraught that it didn't even affect her.  The same thing happened at the farm when her husband died.  With Beth, ever since the zombie version of her mom was killed in the barn, she just seems numb, like nothing else affects her.  When people die she doesn't grieve normally, she almost acts as if it never happened.  Then there seemed to be a connection between her and Daryl, but then he left and Beth had a sign designed for workers by her bed that said  30 Days Since an Accident.  She removed the 3 to make it from a 30 to a 0.  

Overall we thought this episode was amazing. There is really nothing we can think of to complain about or find any flaws, and it seems as though the rest of the country feels the same way as The Walking Dead broke the record with astonishing 16.1 million viewers.  It was shocking in parts, they did things they have never done before, and there was a very decent amount of action and revelations made.  Was it the best episode ever made?  No, not in my opinion, but it definitely is up there with one of the best episodes.  I thought the part with Rick and Clara was a little on the bizarre side, but I also think they put this part in there to show that Rick was not lost and that he was still there.  He has not lost all hope, and the point was for the viewers to see that he wasn't completely damaged.  It was good to see that Rick was almost feeling completely back to normal and was ready to fight back again.  Even though there has been many trailers released the best one with the most reveals was from San Diego Comic Con in July.  We have included that trailer, and it should clear up some questions you may have from the first episode. 
There were so many things revealed in this trailer and if you watched it before Sunday's episode, then the first episode was most likely a little more exciting for you and you might have some answers to questions that others may not.

In every Walking Dead blog there are a few places we like to awknowledge.  First, is our friends at Senoia Coffee and Cafe.  They have some incredible food, and this fun filled fan environment is even known on set as The Woodbury Cafe.   The other place is The Woodbury Shoppe which is a very new Walking Dead merchandise store that is on set.  They have some great merchandise that you will not see anywhere else and they do have online ordering so if you can't make it in you can pick up some orders online.  You never know who you will run into at both places since they are both on set. As we learned last June at Denver Comic Con from Vince Gonzales and Michael Koske that many of the actors don't like to eat the food that is provided to them on set.  They prefer to go out and eat somewhere that isn't covered in blood and zombies so a lot of times you can catch them grabbing a bite at Senoia Coffee and Cafe and stopping by The Woodbury Shoppe.

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Geek News: New York Comic Con Revelations 2013

San Diego Comic Con may be the largest con in the nation, but it seems as though there were more revelations at this year's New York Comic Con.  Comic Book publishers made some major announcements, and lots of other exciting announcements were made.  One thing we know for sure is that January is going to be an awesome month for comic book releases.  It will be hard to choose between everything because everything new coming out will fill every comic book lovers dreams.  Caution: this may contain some spoilers, but nothing that should ruin anything for you or nothing that won't be on the news.

With Batman's 75th anniversary being next year DC announced that they have some major plans in store for Batman fans of the caped crusader.  In January DC will be releasing the 27th recreation of Detective Comics.  We are very excited for this. We have not been overly excited about The new 52 series and we are looking forward to a change, not to mention the aritsts and writers that will be working on this book.  If you are a fan old Batman comics this is for you. Rad Meltzer, Paul Dini, Bryan Hitch, Frank Miller, and the current
 writer Scott Snyder will all be working on this.  Think that book is exciting? There is another one that may excite you even more than that which is Batman: Eternal.  This will include the end of the Zero Year that is currently going on in Batman series now.  Either way, Batman fans should be pleased with what DC has in store for everyone.  Stephanie Brown will also be making an apperance in this series.  Another thing that DC announced is that Superboy will die in the upcoming Krypton storyline.  What do you think about all of DC's latest revelations and story lines?  We cannot wait to pick up some of the new books they have coming out.  We know that Mark Hamill's days of the Joker are over and the new voice actor of the evil clown prince, Troy Baker.  We have included a clip from the panel at NYCC where he does the Joker's voice.  He will be play the Joker's voice in one of the most anticipated Batman video games of all time, Arkam Origins.

Dark Horse is releasing a few new series that should excite you all.  For a while now, Dark Horse has been hinting about a Firefly and Serenity comic book series.  Serenity is the first one they talked about to be  released in January. That's right a new Serenity series called Serenity: Leaves the Wind.  This new series is written by Jed Wheadon, Joss Wheadon's brother, and also has Buffy The Vampire Slayer artist Georges Jeanty.  Don't get too excited for too long of a series because this series is only a six part mini series.  In this new series, River is the new ship pilot, and Zoe is pregnant.  Also, the group is in greater danger than ever.  Is this a series that you will be picking up, or are you passing on this one?  Dark Horse commented that this series is to be released in January.  Dark Horse also announced that there will be a new Aliens series, also to be released in 2014.

IDW had some exciting news for fans, and that was the new artists that they have just added.   John Romita, Sergio Aragon├ęs, and David Mazzucchelli will all be on the IDW team, plus many more to come.  We were a little shocked and excited to learn that John Romita is joining the IDW team.  IDW is also making new artist version of Jim Steranko's Nick Fury Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  What do you think of IDW's newest artist additions?   You can also look forward to some more strips they are making new issues of such as Kirby's New Gods, Dave Gibbons' Watchmen and Charles Schulz's classic Peanuts comic strips.

Marvel also has some exciting comic book releases for everyone.  The Panel at NYCC was dedicated to the Earth's Mightiest HeroesMarvel Comics Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, editor Lauren Sankovitch, along with writers Al Ewing, Dennis Hopeless, Jonathan Hickman, Ales Kot, and Nick Spencer talked about the future for the Avenger's and for All-New Marvel NOW! They announced that there will be a new Avengers series.  The new series is the most important piece they are working on and also Hickman's favorite.  There will also be another Avengers series out called Avengers Undercover.  Which is a series about teens who pretend to be the villains so they can take down the real villains.  Ewing commented in the panel that The Mighty Avengers will keep getting bigger and bigger.  Avengers Arena is coming to an end and everyone dies so you can expect this series to be coming to an end.  Avengers #24 will be The Avengers #24 NOW and also The Avenger's #1.  The book is due to be shipped out on Christmas Eve.  Some other titles you can also look forward to in the near future include but are not limited to: Loki: Agent of Asgard, Iron Patriot, New Warriors, Punisher, Elektra, Captain Marvel, Black Widow and the Silver Surfer, Thor, and Captain America.  We are especially excited for Silver Surfer since it has been years since we have read one of these books.  They are also releasing an X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy crossover.  Regardless Marvel has a lot of titles coming out that should suit any comic book readers desires.  They are making so many new series there will be so many great book coming out that it will be hard to keep up with. We are excited for all the new releases coming out, which one are you looking forward to the most?  If you attended the con you may have attended the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel and watched next weeks episode.  This was the biggest revelation made in this panel, when they were asked the question was avoided and they were not willing to give up much.  Let's face it, Marvel never gives away any hints so this is pretty standard.  They are working on issues #5 and #6 of the comic book that they are hoping to release soon.

Transformer fans, GI Joe and Transformers will be making another comic crossover again for the first time since the 80's.  There is also a whole new line of transformer toys coming out with the new movie releasing soon.

Valiant Comics is going back to their 90's collection and releasing a few titles.  They are bringing back world's worst superteam with Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody .  And the Eternal Warrior series goes into the future and suppose to be even more packed with the action than the current one that we have grown to love.  We are excited to see everything that Valiant has in store for us in 2014.

Walking Dead fans, there were also some big announcements made this year at NYCC.  The first thing that was announced was they are adding three new cast members Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, and Michael Cudlitz, who will play Sargeant Abraham Ford.  Kirkland wanted to add someone similar to Daryl and Rick who has those leadership qualities that won't back down.  He is also a character in the comic book series so this should fit in well with the show if it is played out right.  There were also several Walking Dead revelations made in panels.  Andrew Lincoln quoted that " (Carl) would be a badass this season."  And he gave away the spoiler that episode 9 the group gets in some real trouble and he was so shell shocked by the script that he had to call his cast and crew friends to make sure it was real.  We have a feeling Carl is going to be getting the group in some big trouble.  They also revealed several spoiler previews so if you were there you were lucky enough to watch.  If you have not heard us talk about Walking Dead #115 there was 14 books that were released last Wednesday, and they were sold out a week in advance.  Image was offering 13 of the copies to certain select retailers, but only at a Walking Dead party.  Mile High Comics was one of the retailers selected so we were lucky enough to be able to attend a party.  One of the Black and White variants for this book was listed at $250.00 for retail price.  I am sure you can imagine what the price keeps exceeding on that specific variant and also all the other variants for Walking Dead #115.  The 14th book was only available at NYCC since it was the special edition for the con.  So if you went you might have been lucky to pick one up.  Since there were very few of these books made, and available to the general public they are  great collectors items. There will also be more books in the rest of the series. 

Please send us any of your photos from New York Comic Con, or any other event.  And please don't forget about our Costume Contest.  Photos can be submitted to our Facebook page, or any 

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The Walking Dead: Denver Comic Con Recaps, Spoilers, and behind the scenes.

Since the last season of The Walking Dead, we have all been pumped for the fourth season.  And that moment is finally almost here.  Denver Comic Con for us this year was great, even though we didn't apply for press. It was our kids first con together and so we really just wanted to dress up for them and have fun.  Since we didn't have the pressure of being press, we decided that we would do things a little differently this year.  So instead of releasing everything right after, we decided to wait and keep the anticipation going for next year. This year at Denver Comic Con we could not have been more thrilled to see and meet the Assistant Director, Vince Gonzales and the head walker of The Walking Dead, Micheal Koske.  This in my eyes, was one of the best panels that DCC had to offer this year.  Our first two attempts getting into this panel did not work out, even showing up early, this panel was completely packed and almost impossible to get into.  In my years of going to events I had never had so much trouble getting into a panel.  Finally, on our third day, we were able to get into this panel.  After the panel was over I could see why this panel was so packed and why it was so hard to get into.  Not only was it incredibly exciting to see these two, but they were also giving away spoilers for next season and even some behind the scenes details that everyone would want to hear for next season. 

When Michael and Vince talked about the behind the scenes details I can definitely say I learned a lot of things that I was not expecting.  Michael is the head walker, so even when the walkers don't look like the same person it very well could be him since he has several different zombie looks.  Michael did a lot of the talking since he is the head zombie and he deals with the special effects the most.  First, in the scenes where Michael is actually eating and pulling out intestines, he is actually doing it, yep that's right he is gnawing on sterile cow intestines.  And the other part of the time, Michael is gnawing on condoms filled with BBQ.  You will hear towards the end of the blog where the cast and crew eat and a lot of times its not on set based on what they have to eat and the scenery not exactly being appetizing.  To me, I think Michael deserves to be the highest paying actor on the show just for having to do this.  Michael did talk about how he got started with The Walking Dead.  Before The Walking Dead, Michael had never played in any major roles and he was just out of college when the show practically fell in his lap.  For him, it was one of those things that he looked at like a one and a million chance that he would never get.  He literally walked up to a casting director and got lucky with an audition, and he amazed the directors just as we get amazed with his work everyday.  So, for all you out there that have acting or voice acting aspirations, just remember its possible and it can happen. One thing I was pretty shocked to find out was the number of walkers there actually are in an episode.  As many as we see I would think that there would be hundreds but nope there isn't.  Apparantly a lot of those bodies you see (especially the ones on the ground) are dummies, and even some of the ones walking.  To this say Vince stated that there has not been more than 175 in a single episode.  This made me think back to the episode in the beginning when Rick was on his horse in the army tank, and there appeared to be hundreds.  This just goes to show how amazing effects can, and what we can percieve them to be vs what they really are.  Some of the zombie extras would even carry dummies, or some of them would just be dummies laying on the ground.  As low as a budget as this show had when it first started, I must say the effects and everything else involving the scenes is very impressive.  The actors who play the zombies are also sometimes filmed from the neck up and their head is really the only part shown, and then the rest is effects.  This I thought was pretty awesome too, and that they didn't have to makeover their whole bodies just to make a scene that was only a few seconds long, or have to give 100 zombies makeup from head to toe.

After the men talked about all the behind the scenes details I decided to raise my hand and ask a question that I was almost positive they were not going to answer.  And my question was : "What can you tell us about where next season is headed and how much is Season 4 going to follow the comic?".  Michael glanced over at Vince a little bit hesitant to answer it, and then Vince looked right back at me and said "I will tell you this, "Season 4 will not follow the comic, not even a little bit".   So there's your spoiler.  And if you have read the comic, then you should know that this could change a lot of things that happen.  People have been wanting to know if Little Ass Kicker dies (as she does in the comic), and I think we now have our answer.  My prediction is what he meant by this statement was that Little Ass Kicker does not die as she does in the comics.  This is a question that people have been dying to know the answer to, and I think its because its hard to swallow.  Anytime a child dies on a show, fake or real, and especially a baby it can change your views on things, even change your mind on your favorite show, whether it follows the comic or not.  Knowing this little bit of information can lead into so many different possibilities for next season.  If you have not read the comic, then this may not change a whole lot for you.  But, lets face it when we have a movie or a show based off the comic, we want to see it follow the comic.  This may change the opinion of the show for many viewers, and especially Walking Dead comic book readers.  The way we feel about all the disturbing parts in the comic and the show is that this is one thing we love about the show.  And that's that they don't hold back, they explore all possibilities for what it would really be like, and how our kids would be in grave danger and the point is made to never let go of them.  Sure, when someone randomly kills a child on a movie or a show and its not necessary, then yes it is a little disturbing. But, lets face it this would be completely accurate in a zombie outbreak.   Regardless, we are pumped for Season 4 and we cannot wait to see what they have in store for this season.  We are especially excited to see what revelations will be made, and how it will differ from the comic.  And don't forget that there will be a Walking Dead spin off show in 2015.  Hey fans, it will not follow the comic or the show and it will be completely different and doesn't even take place in Georgia. The quality will be the same as well as the acting, but don't expect it to follow any story lines that we are normally use to with The Walking Dead.

Don't worry ladies the last part of the panel was completely dedicated to Norman Reedus.  I think Vince and Michael both knew that everyone wanted to know the juicy details on our favorite character.  One thing they said was Reedus was the only person in the cast (even Robert Kirkman) that actually had an entire truck load and a wagon behind the truck full of mail.  Not much of a suprise, but a little shocking that he gets more fan mail than Robert Kirkman himself.  One thing both men said was how great of a guy Norman Reedus was.  They pointed out how much he awknowledges his fans.  And I have to say out of all the businesses on set we see Reedus and Rooker the most taking photos with fans.  They both emphasized on something a lot and something that I am sure all of you have heard many times, and that's that The Walking Dead cast is really a family.  They are together on set, off set, holidays, weekends, and they really spend a lot of time together just as any family would.  One thing that was really amazing towards the end that I never thought of was when Michael asked people what they thought zombies meant to us as a person.  I am thinking to myself, "we all love them".  But he gave a much better analysis and that was "Zombies are our metaphor for our fears in everyday life".  I thought this was the most compelling and truthful analysis that I had heard of zombies to this day. 

 Now, let's take a look at the comic up to this point and also the first three seasons of the show.  In my opinion, this might possibly be the best comic book TV show of all time.  The first time we picked up TWD comic I fell in love with the horror, the art, and the astounding writing that Robert Kirkman did in this amazing comic.  The first three seasons were amazing, and I think we can all thank an incredible comic due to this (along with amazing cast and crew).

The first season of The Walking Dead started out a little slow but in my experience, good, long lasting TV
shows always start out slow.  I felt like the show did start out a little slower than the comic, but there are so many more characters in the comic than in the show. I am glad that they cut out characters rather than cutting out important details, because lets face it there's so much to the comic and so many characters that it would be impossible to cover it all in less than an hour. Other than leaving out a few characters in the comic, I would say the show matched the comic 100% up until this point.  It was a great first season and we got to see the characters that we had all been reading about for several years, and one of our favorite comics was finally developing into a great show.  This is the season when all the characters in the storyline realized that life as they know it may never be the same.  Even with all of the turmoil in season one, we felt this was actually the season least packed with action, but it was still a great season. This was of course Michael's favorite season because this is where he made his debut and his dreams started to come true. 

 In the second season, we watched the whole group kind of diminish and fall apart.  This is when Rick kills Shane and I think it was something we were all waiting for the first two seasons.  The thing that still throws me off to this day was how Shane turned.  Did he get bit and we all just didn't see it?  Or did he get poisoned by the water from the water well?  Sometimes I love how the show leaves us hanging and leaves it up to us to decide what the motive was or what exactly happened. The show allows you to determine some answers on your own, and its one thing that we love about the show.  It also leaves the opening for other books, TV shows, and possibly movies when we don't have every single detail and every single aspect of the story. We have to admit that the only thing we didn't like about Season two is how much they dragged out Shane.  After everything he had pulled we felt like it just dragged on for too long, we did like how his exit was made on the show, we just wished it was a little quicker and not drawn out so much. 

The ending of last season was in my eyes, absolutely incredible.  Merle's exit at the end could not have been more perfect.  This was someone we began to loathe in the show, and at the end him trying to redeem himself and make up for all the harm he had caused was the best way that they could have made his exit.  When Carol's husband (Ed) died in the show, no one cared and I think that's because he was pure evil all the way until the end.  But with Merle's exit it was so tragic because he put himself on the line twice to save his brother and the group.  When Merle decided to put himself on the line close to the end of the season, I think he knew it came down to him sacrificing himself, or his brother and the rest of the group.  He even put himself on the line to save Michonne, and we all know she is his least favorite.  The brotherly connection between Daryl and Merle at the end was absolutely incredible.  We had not yet seen this connection with the brothers and it was the moment that Daryl realized that Merle wasn't so heartless after all, or that something had changed him for the better. Vince identified this as his favorite season and scene of the show was when Merle and Daryl had that last moment together.  One exciting special effects thing we learned in the first season was learning what happened to all those fish when the tanks got broken in Woodbury.  And you can rest knowing that all those exotic fish did not die. There was a stunt woman to pull all of the fish.  The heads in the tanks were real skulls, which is another thing that makes this show great is they try to get as realistic as they possibly can.  We also have Andrea's exit, which we thought overall was good but just like Shane we thought it was a little drawn out.  She was an annoyance just like Shane was for a long time and I think everyone was relieved to see her go because her character was just getting too much on the annoying side.  

A couple places that we would like to give a big shout out to.  One of them being our friends at Senoia
Coffee and Cafe.  They have always made their place like a home to fans, and especially The Walking Dead cast and crew.  Their food looks amazing, and if you are anywhere near Georgia stop by and give them a hello.  Also, Woodbury Shoppe is another great place where The Walking dead cast and crew will show up to meet fans.  They have anything and everything that you could think of that is related to The Walking Dead.  They really have some awesome merchandise that you may not see anywhere else.  And let's not forget this is where the cast and crew goes when they are too grossed out by the set to eat there, so you never know who you are going to tun into. Another place is Mile High Comics.  They have made it possible with all their freebies and giveaways to make our Walking Dead comic book collection what we really want it to be.  Of course, a big thanks to Denver Comic Con for bringing us two strait years of one of the most amazing cons to attend, and they have also brought us great Walking Dead cast two years in a row.  Don't forget all the proceeds go to Comic Book Classroom, a literacy program for kids. The photo placed here was taken with a fan at Senoia Coffee and Cafe, which is known and shown in the show as the Woodbury Cafe.

There are also some books that we encourage everyone to read that relate to zombies.  One is The Walking Dead book series.  It is absolutely phenomenal, and we have not wanted to put it down since we started reading it.  Its all about the governor and the loose ends that we did not know about, such as when Penny got bit, and why the governor turned so evil.  It fills in a lot of the gaps that the comic and the show leave out and its great finding out all the details that we may not know.  As we stated earlier its very creative when writers do this so there is an opening for other books and stories.  Another great book that we have been thoroughly enjoying is Brian Parker's, GNASH.  It is a great book about the zombie virus, and it is very worth the read.  You can get it on Kindle or Paperback on Amazon.  Another great zombie book is Dan Conner's, My Gal, The Zombie.  It is a great zombie comic strip with the perfect amount of humor and keeps your attention throughout the whole book.  Dan also has some great art, and he is featured at the Charles M. Shulz Museum.  We will leave all info on all these places and the books at the end of this blog so please be sure to check them all out.  Don't miss our weekly reviews on The Walking Dead and other shows, and please contact us with any questions or comments.  Also don't forget to watch the preview below for tonight's show if you have not seen it yet.  This is the extended trailer so it is different from the one that was released at San Diego Comic Con this year.

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Pictures from panel taken by Geeking 4 Everyone and all others came from The Walking Dead website and Senoia Coffee and Cafe.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Geeking 4 Everyone's Weekly Comic Picks (10-9-13)

This week, there is a lot of excitement going on in the comic book world.  The new Walking Dead #115 came out and it was already sold out a week in advance.  We can honestly say that Robert Kirkman knew what he was doing with this issue and marketing it.  There are 14 variant covers available for this book and yes they sold out a week in advance. Image had selected some bigger retailers to have a midnight party on Tuesday night to give the fans a chance to still pick them up, and this was the only way to get one since they were sold out in advance.  We already grabbed our first chance last week when Mile High Comics was offering this free with an online order of $30 or more.  We also attended The Walking Dead party at Mile High Comics to pick up some extra covers.  Image only selected a few stores to give this offer to, so if you got one consider yourself lucky.  Regardless, we encourage all collectors and Walking Dead fans to try and get at least a copy of this book.  Mile High Comics is giving away one free (since they have some extras), but order fast because they will go fast being so high in demand.  Also, make sure not to miss their weekly newsletter because they give away many of the new comics being released for the week for free with an online order.  Not only is this week an exciting week for Zombie week, but there will also be some exciting Halloween issues coming out that we will discuss throughout the month.  Please, do not forget about our costume contest!!!  This was only suppose to run through summer, but many fans messaged us wanting to enter their Halloween costumes, so make sure to enter if you have a great costume.  Also, please vote for your favorites on our Facebook page.  To enter, just send a picture of your costume to our Facebook page or our e-mail.  Our website is currently under maintenance, but it should be running soon. In our weekly picks we do our top ten, one kids book and one collector's item.  We are also working in the smaller artists that are not with the huge companies to give them some recognition.  So we will pick one every week of those also.  Here is our top ten for the week:

Batman #24:  We have always loved Batman, and we usually get at least a few new Batman issues per month.  This issue is going to be a double issue so it is a little more expensive than your normal book, at about $7 per book.  This book comes in several different variants, including a black and white variant.  This weeks issue seems especially exciting with Batman on a hunt for the Red Hood Gang, and to find out who the mystery leader is.  This issue could change Batman's life, and you can expect lots of reveals and action.  What life changing circumstance will Batman be faced with?  Who is the leader of the Red Hood Gang?

Deadpool #18:  We have picked up the Good, Bad, and Ugly every week since it has been out and this is part 4 of 5 of the Deadpool series.  So far we have enjoyed reading this series and also enjoying appearances from other Marvel characters such as Wolverine and Captain America.  In this weeks book, Deadpool's past has been threatened and we find out why.  This series we have noticed has not been overly corny as the traditional Deadpool books have been, and it has been a nice change.  Sometimes that humor is good, but at times it can get old so we have enjoyed it for a nice change in Deadpool.  What do you think will be revealed about Deadpool's past and how will it be threatened?

Infinity #4:  This is a series we have been enjoying, and its only a six book series and we always try and pick these up as collector's.  In this weeks book, we can expect an appearance from Thor, and also The Illuminati vs Thanos.  Of course as usual, Marvel didn't give much detail to this weeks book. But, we do know that there are some negotiations with the falling of the world.  What do you think will happen with Thor's appearance?  What negotiations do you think will be made?  What will happen with The Illuminati vs Thanos? 

Kids Choice:  Adventure Time Candy Capers #4:  This is a great series for kids, and even the adults seem to enjoy it.  We like this series for kids because it is educational.  It is a great and exciting read for the kiddos, and they can also learn from these books.  This book would be a great Halloween treat to get your kids.  In this weeks book, there is a new set of heroes teaming up. Will they be able to find Finn and Jake?  What adventures will they go on along the way? 

My Gal, The ZombieAs many of you know we have always thought Dan Conner's work was amazing.  We have always loved his book My Gal, the Zombie. So far he has released one every season since summer, and we have loved both the Summer and Autumn issues of this book.  And who doesn't absolutely love Zombies?  My Gal, the Zombie is about a girl who caught the zombie virus and is trying to live a normal life now being a zombie.  Her friends and boyfriend are supportive of her being a zombie, which makes her life a little easier.  These books have several comic strips, just as you would find in an Archie.  In this issue there is even a Halloween costume comic strip, and we especially loved the one about Denver.  We love the humor and art in Dan's books.  Dan released the Autumn issue last weekend at so we thought it would be a hot item to add to the list.  We don't want to give away too many details before you have a chance to read it, but we will be releasing reviews on these books soon so if you want more detail and spoilers you can look forward to those.  Make sure to check out Dan's other books he has some great books and artwork.  His artwork is even featured at the Charles M. Shulz Museum. You can get his comics, print, and other work at Mile high comics or at

Star Wars #10:  We love this new series and one great thing about the new Star Wars comics is learningabout all the characters that we never saw or heard of in the movies or the other books.  We are huge Star Wars fans, so this is also something we try to pick up at least a few times a month.  In this weeks book, Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles break into an imperial destroyer.  But now, Darth is aware of their precense and he alerts nine thousand storm troopers that are now after Luke and Wedge.  Sounds like they both may be in some trouble, will they be able to fight off the stormtroopers and escape one of the darkest villains?  Will they be able to escape and complete their mission? 

Superman/Wonderwoman #1:  This seems to be a must have for many people this week.  We picked up ours this week when Mile High Comics was offering a free one with an online order.  They may still have some available, but make sure to order fast before they are gone.  It has been a while since we have read any Wonderwoman so we definitely wanted to pick up this book.  If it is a good read, then we will continue on with our collection.  This is a brand new series that is suppose to take on the romance between Man of Steel and Wonderwoman, and we are sure there will be plenty of people along the way to stir up problems with their love.  If comic book romances are not your thing then this may not be the read for you. What problems and consequences will arise with the new romance in this new series?

Thor God of Thunder #12:  It has been a while since we have read Thor, but it is always a good read and something we usually enjoy.  With the new movie coming out, I have a feeling Marvel will be releasing more and more Thor books.  You can expect lots of action in this weeks book as Thor goes on a wild hunt.  What do you think he will find or discover on the way?  You can expect to see many mystical creatures in this weeks book.  

Uncanny X Force #12: This is another series that we have always enjoyed and we try to pick one up whenever we can.  We also picked up some older issues at Mile High Comics Walking Dead party on Tuesday night.  This week, the main focus is on Spiral while the rest of the group is in Madripoor.  Spiral is more determined than ever to find new mutant Ginny.  Will Spiral be able to handle Ginny and the cult or will it be too much to handle? 

Walking Dead #1 (10th Anniversary):  Usually we don't add more than one type of book in a week, but since this is a special Walking Dead week with the 10th anniversary we are making an exception.  We are adding this book to the list this week because we do not yet have a Walking Dead #1.  We purchased the first compendium from Mile High Comics when it came out, and then starting collecting individually from there.  This book is normally a very expensive book, and same with the first 50 or so in this series.  So we are excited to have a Walking Dead #1 (which is a reprint) for a normal comic book price.  If you do not yet have a Walking Dead #1 then I would grab this book.  Even though it is a reprint its better to have it, or buy the expensive version.  Either way, I would get a copy of this book if you are a Walking Dead fan.

Walking Dead #115:  This book is already sold out for the week, and it sold out a week before it was even released.  This is the 10th anniversary special of The Walking Dead, and I don't think we have been this excited for a book in a long time.  There are 14 variant covers total available for this book, and they are all very rare so if you have the chance to pick them up.....DO IT!!!  We picked up the blank cover free with an order with Mile High Comics, and if you had the chance to grab one then you were smart and acted fast.  We were also able to get the rest of the covers at Mile High Comics Walking Dead party since they were one of the retailers selected by Image.  There were 13 variants released to the stores, and then the 14th one is the one that is being released at New York Comic Con this weekend.  So if you are attending, you will also have a chance to pick up a book.  Even without the rarity of this books we are excited for the anticipated action in this book.  In this weeks book, the group is in ultimate turmoil and you can expect lots of action in this book.  Rick and Kegan go head to head.  And of course there are plenty of other to help both sides.  We cannot wait to read this book, and we feel like its been so long since there has been one released that it makes the excitement even stronger.  Who do you think will win?  What other exciting details will we find out in this issue?  Let us know what you think if you were lucky enough to pick one up.  If you didn't notice already in the picture, once all the books are put together it makes one scene. 

X-Men #6:  We have always loved X-Men, and this is another comic we usually pick up a few issues of.  Whether they are new comics or old comics.  There is always excitement and something for everyone in these books.  And also with characters that everyone loves.  This weeks issue its Battle of the Atom part 4, and there is all kinds of turmoil being caused with the Jean Grey school and the X-Men are also attacked.  You can expect lots of action in this weeks book. Rachel Grey is the only one that is equal to beat the opponents, will she be able to do it?

Collector's item for the week:  For the collectors items each week, we like to list one book that is usually an good collector's choice that is most likely a little more expensive than a normal book. We have another Walking Dead choice on one of our choices for this week.  But, this is a must have collector's item.  One of the variants for the Walking Dead variants is listed at $250.00. This is for the Black and White version of the variant. This may seem expensive, but this book is rare and it will be worth a pretty penny one day.  This book keeps going up daily on e-bay and it may be harder to get but if you can get one I would not miss out.  When Image selected the stores to have a Walking Dead party they gave each store a copy to give away.  As we said its hard to get but if you can get one from a store or off e-bay it will be worth adding to your collection.   There wasn't a whole ton of merchandise for the week, but one we saw that we really liked the art on was a Captain America poster by Adi Ganov.  With everything going on in the country right now I really liked the symbol and meaning behind it.  And if the poster doesn't strike your fancy then there is always Walking Dead T shirts. 

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