Sunday, October 12, 2014

Excitement for Season five of The Walking Dead

Fans across the globe have been pumped for months for season five of The Walking Dead.  I can say that I am pumped for this season and can't wait to see tonight's show and watch this season unravel.

Last Season we watched one of the most compelling and shocking seasons yet. The group experienced some of the hardest moments that we have seen yet on the show.  First, an illness breaks out at the prison and kills several people.  We also how the apocalypse has affected the children in various ways.  Then the governor declares all out war at the after the governors rage broke out at the prison we see one of our favorite characters, Hershell get murdered.  Little ass kicker went missing and half the group including rick and Carl think she's dead.  We see several of our favorite characters die at the prison.  After the war at the prison the whole group gets seperated.  After seperation we see even more turmoil like Beth getting kidnapped.  And the rest of the group headed to Terminus in small groups.   We all knew that Terminus was too good to be true, and after several of them arrived they discovered that the camp they thought was safe was a camp cannibal.  It was great to see some new characters brought into the show that our some of our favorites in the comic like the scientist and his crew.  Some old characters even come back to cause some mischief like Martinez.

We have seen a few previews since last season of The Walking Dead.  And I can say that I am pumped for this season.  The main focus this season is getting the scientist to Washington to find a cure.  Only it doesn't appear to just be the group that we are familiar with, since the people at Terminus are holding the other captive they are also going with to Washington.  Take a look at this seasons sneak peak and let us know what you think.


We all love zombies, and sometimes even waiting week to week for the next episode of The Walking Dead is grueling. I always like to suggest some great reading and horror artists to keep your interest while waiting for the next show.  A phenomenal author, Brian Parker has some great zombie books.  One being one of my favorite zombie novels, GNASH.  He also writes children's zombie books and has a new book that just got released, Origins of the Outbreak.  Dan Conner also has a great comic book that is one of my personal favorites called, My Gal the Zombie.  I love this comic because it gives us the flip side and makes us take a glimpse of the other side and what problems may rise when someone is a zombie.  This comic is great with everyday struggles and gives us all something to relate to.  Last but not least one of my favorite horror artists is the great Robert Elrod.  He has some great art so be sure to check out his work.  

Stay tuned for more recaps, trailers, and news for one of our favorite shows, The Walking Dead.  

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

San Diego Comic Con News 2014: Star Wars Rebels extended trailer

The preview for Disney's upcoming show Star Wars Rebels was released at San Diego Comic con today.  This show I was originally not ultimately pumped for, but its starting to grab my interest more and more.  Regardless its Star Wars, so of course I want to give it a chance.  If you are not familiar with the details of this show it is suppose to take place between Episodes III and IV.  The series starts off with a group of rebels that are impacted by the galactic empire. One thing I am pumped for this show is we will see some characters that we have been wanting to see on screen for a long time, as well as some old favorites.  Billy Dee Williams will come back as Lando and Obi Wan Kenobi will also make several appearances throughout the first season and I am pumped to see where the show takes their characters.  In this extended trailer you will also see villain, The Inquisitor.  All we know about him is that he is not a Sith, so this will get our minds going with all kinds of different interpretations leading up to his character and figuring out his objective.  Star Wars Rebels is on Disney XD in October.  Make sure to check out the trailer and let us know what you think, and stay tuned for more San Diego Comic Con News.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Geek News: Next Captain America challenges Man of Steel 2

Marvel just announced that Captain America 3 will be releasing the same weekend as DC's new Man of Steel 2 that will feature Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.  We don't know much about Captain America 3 other than the release date.  About a month ago DC pushed the movie back not being able to meet the original deadline.  But it looks like Marvel is up for the challenge.  Either way it's going to be an incredible day on May 6, 2016 with both movies debuting.  Either way I am pumped for both movies, and as a fan of both DC and Marvel I can't wait for an action packed day of superhero movies.  And also with Free Comic Book day following the next day this is going to be an amazing comic weekend with great movies and comics.  Hopefully FCBD will feature comics with both movies and it will be an even bigger bonus.  Either way this weekend is going to be an amazing geek weekend.  What do you think?  Will both keep it at the same date or will DC move the movie date again?  Will you see both movies?  Let us know what you think and stay tuned for more updates on both movies. 

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Marvel fans across the globe have been pumped for Marvel's newest movie, Captain America The Winter Soldier.  Last night I watched the movie in 3d at the IMAX.  Naturally I was pumped for this movie because not only was I excited for another Captain America movie, but I loved The Winter Soldier in the comics an a couldn't wait to see his debut in the movie.  This was one of the most anticipated movies this year, and I can say that all the anticipation and excitement was well worth the wait.

Steve Rodgers has been trying to figure out who he is and how he fits
in with the World.  He is having a hard time making an adjustment how the world is today and he spends much of the movie trying to figure out where he fits in during a period of time that he is not used to.   But of course all while he is kicking some ass along the way. Right off the bat the Captain meets Falcon and becomes friends with him, and this ends up being one of the only people he trusts.    The first mission ends in a confrontation when Nick Fury gives Natasha (Black Widow) orders that don't follow the mission.   Of course, Black Widow and the Captain complete the mission but Black Widows orders puts them in some danger and the hostages that were being rescued.  Shortly after Nick Fury was crashed into by several police cars and chased and shot at for several miles.  He made an escape in the end, but not without injury.  He ended up at Captain's apartment and was severely wounded.  He handed the Captain the flash drive with the info that Black Widow got, and told him not to trust anyone.  Fury was taken to the Hospital and pronounced dead on the operating table.  Captain and Black Widow were of course furious and all they could think to do was to take down the people who killed Fury.  Then Captain finds out that Fury might have been working with the enemy.  The Captain followed Fury's orders and told no one and even tried to lie to Black Widow but she didn't buy it much.  Most of the movie continues on with trying to uncover who can be trusted and who can't.  Was it Fury who was working with the enemy or was he being set up by the new S.H.I.E.L.D. directors?  

Overall it was a great movie.   I would give this movie a 9 out of 10.  My only complaint would be that The Winter Soldier didn't follow the story in the comics and that was my most anticipated part of the whole movie.  My only other complaint would be that Furys death was a little too similar to Coulsons and easy to predict.  I knew from the moment he got hurt he was not only going to die but they would fake his death.   But don't let that throw you off I still loved this flick and would see it again several times.  One thing that was great to see in this movie was the close bond that Black Widow, Nick Fury, and Captain America grew.   Maybe it was the close call with furys death.  But I loved the relationship they grew.  It was great to also see Falcon and see him in action, and the close and trusting relationship that he and Captain grew.  Both men kicked some major butt the whole movie and I was pleased with the way they made Falcon's character. The thing I loved the most about this movie was not only getting to see The Winter Soldier in action, but also the non-stop action.  I was very pleased with the non-stop action scenes and the fact that this movie was almost three hours long and felt like it was only an hour.  This movie had no slow points, and I would say it was one of Marvel's best movies yet.  If this is the future of Marvel movies then I will say we are in for years of great movies.  One thing I always find interesting about the movie vs the comics is how much their real names are used.  Natasha was never referred once as Black Widow, and Captain was mostly called Steve most of the movie. Falcon was also never really addressed as his superhero name. And remember the #1 rule with Marvel movies is stay until the credits are over.  The theatre I was in about 70% of the people left before the credits were over, and they missed a great sneak peak and cast revelations for the next movie.  Make sure you stay until the credits are over if you haven't seen the movie yet.  After this I am even more pumped for more Marvel movies, and of course the next Captain America. 

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Walking Dead: Recap and Review of Season Finale

Last Sunday we all engaged in watching the Season Finale of one of our favorite shows to this date, The Walking Dead.  This season, this show has gotten more intense and compelling than ever before and this episode was the perfect way to end the season.  Here is a recap of the show this week, and my thoughts on the episode.  And as always, I have included some of my favorite zombie books to give everyone their zombie fill until next October. 

The episode starts with Rick having several flashbacks, most of them of the prison and the some what
happy times.  After the first flashback it shows Rick beaten up by a truck, and then later approaching the truck after escaping a run in with the zombies.  They made a camp there, and the first thing I can think is "this can't be good since it shows Rick beaten up in front of this truck before the episode."  Rick and Michonne have a lot of conversations then all of a sudden the men with Daryl show up and each one of them has a man with a gun pointed towards their head.   They have a bone to pick with Rick for killing their friend.  They wanted to kill him and Michonne since Rick killed their friend.  Then one of the men appeared to have been turning Karl over to rape him.  Rick then lost it and beat the head guy who had him in a hold then bit a chunk out of his neck like he was a zombie.  Michonne then busts out her normal bad ass moves and kills off half of them and Daryl killed the rest.  At the end Rick absolutely hacked the guy to pieces that was getting ready to rape Karl.  After that Rick had some more flashbacks and mostly of Hershel giving him Karl and how to raise him in the apocalypse.  Then Rick and Daryl had some great conversations, both bloody and sitting by the truck.  There were some pretty compelling moments with Rick and Daryl.  One moment where even Daryl (who is usually very reserved) even opened up to Rick.  Daryl first explained to Rick what he was doing with those men, and then also explained his fear of them and not knowing what he was capable of.  Daryl knew they were looking for the man who killed their friend, but didn't know it was Rick until last minute.  Daryl felt guilty for agreeing to tag along with these men, and felt he took part in having Rick and the rest of them in danger.  One of the greatest parts in this moment was when Rick called Daryl his brother.  They both were helping each other get through everything that had happened and it was a great family moment.  After this we see another great family moment when we see Carl dealing with some emotional issues with everything that had just happened.  Michonne as usual, gets Carl out of his funk and makes him believe that he can trust her and his dad at the very least.  She continues to tell him about her past and the apocalypse starting (as she started doing the past few episodes), which is something she didn't even talk to Andrea about.  Michonne and Carl have developed a great family love, they trust each other with their deepest and darkest secrets.  And we see another great brotherly/sisterly moment with Carl and Michonne.  Rick and the rest then approach one moment we have been waiting for several episodes, and that's entering Terminus.  Seemed all fine and dandy until they walked in and saw the rest of their friends belongings on people at the camp.  Right away, Rick and the rest of the group knew something was not right.  Things seemed great when they walked in but then as soon as they saw their other loved ones things they knew Terminus was not what they had hoped it to be.  Then the people at Terminus shoot bullets to chase Carl, Daryl, Michonne, and Rick into a trailer.  The shooters could have easily hit them but it was clear that they were trying to chase them into a trailer.  And who is waiting for them locked away in that trailer?  Maggie, Glenn, and of course their new friends that helped Glenn and Maggie find each other.  The group is back together and they are ready to fight like hell to get themselves out of Terminus alive.    It looks like Rick is ready to lead this group again and fight like crazy to get out of the crazy camp that they just entered.  I know that now most of them are back together, the people at Terminus better be ready to put up one hell of a fight. 

Overall, it was a great finale, and just like most episodes I rate this episode a 10 out of 10. Even though it took up some extra time I was happy to see the flashbacks with Hershel, and to see his wise words again that affected the group so much and helped them grow as a family.  Although anyone coming close to getting raped was not a great moment, I was glad the show touched base on it.  One of the most compelling parts of the whole episode is when Rick has the flashbacks with Hershel.  It shows that not only the great moments we had with Hershel, but also showing that no matter what is going on in your life you have to fight back and move on for the things you care about.  The advice he gives to Rick about Carl was one of m favorite Rick and Hershel episodes and I think it was a very important aspect of Rick accepting the things that happened and moving on for Carl's sake.   The moment that Rick lost it (and finally snapped out of it), could not have been more perfect.  Not only did we get to see Rick go walker style on someone, but finally Rick and snapped out of it and started fighting back like he should.  It may have been a combination of the men trying to hurt his family and friends and also the flashbacks of all of Hershel's wise words of advice.  As always, it was great to see the classic Michonne bust out and go crazy on everyone.  It was also great to see one of our favorite men of the show kick some ass, Daryl Dixon.  The finale was packed with tons of action, and so compelling as The Walking Dead always is.  One thing I love about this show is showing people that no matter what is going on in your life, you just have to pick up the pieces and move on.  There are so many lessons to learn from this show and that's what makes it more amazing and compelling than other shows out there.  I can't wait to see what the writers of the show have in store for us in the fall, and to see what turmoil the group will face next. 

Usually we would include a preview for next week, but for now we are at a halt until next fall.  We will still be doing tons of Walking Dead comic book reviews to fill all of our Walking Dead cravings in the meantime.  We will include news updates with any trailers are released next fall, and also an all season review, just as we did last year.  For now we are left craving one of our favorite shows until fall. 

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Geek Movie News: Preview for Lucy

Scarlett Johansson has been all across the movie scene lately and has been our favorite characters in many movies.  From Black Widow to doing voices in Robot Chicken she has always been one of my personal favorites.  Her newest film that is due to be out in August, Lucy looks like it will be just as great as any of her other movies.  This new Sci-Fi flick is one that I don't think you will be disappointed with.  It looks like as always, she is back to kick some major butt and this film not only looks like a great Sci Fi Flick, but it also looks like a great movie packed with action.  Her character is faced with some very dark complications, but it looks like she is not ready to go down without a fight.  Check out the trailer and let us know what you think. 

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Monday, March 17, 2014

The Walking Dead: Recap and Review Episode 414 The Grove

Lastnights episode of The Walking Dead was the darkest episode of anything I have seen on television.  It was emotional and just when you think it can't get any more crazy, the show just takes you further and further into darkness.   One thing I love about this show is they always have something gut wrenching and mind blowing in store for us and this week the writers gave us just that and much more.  This weeks episode was not only dark, but also just as compelling as any episode of The Walking Dead.

The episode starts with a very far glance at what looks like a child playing with a zombie.  When this
was happening I was thinking to myself it was Lizzie but then thought "no way maybe she's not playing and she's runnning".  Then the episode proceeds with Carol and Lizzie talking, and they discuss several things like Sophia and Lizzies weird obsession with the zombies.  Then in the morning Carol and Lizzie get some kind of medicine out of a tree for the cut on Tyreese's arm.  Tyreese and Carol have a discussion about the girls and Lizzie's weird obsession with the zombies and not being able to see them for what they are.  Carol also talks about her concern for Mika's inability to hurt anything, even when her life is at risk.  We see Lizzie's struggle more and more as the episode goes on and we see how she gets more and more disturbed when zombies are killed.  Tyreese wants to kill a zombie, and Lizzie stops him and says that he didn't need to kill it.  Meanwhile, Carol is talking to Mika about killing people or zombies when she needs to.  Carol is very concerned that Mika cannot defend herself, even when her life is at risk.  Mika and Carol then find a house, and Mika says a very important thing that her mom said that really applies to the entire show and that was "everything works out exactly how its suppose to.  After this, the episode starts to pick up and get beyond disturbing and gut wrenching.  First starting with Mika having to shoot a zombie inches from baby Judith because Lizzie would not run from the zombie.  Then we see the part where Lizzie is playing tag with the zombie as I suspected in the beginning.  Carol sees Lizzie playing with the zombie from the window and then goes outside to save her and kills the zombie.  Of course, Lizzie freaks out again like Carol has killed her best friend.  Carol and Tyreese then decide that they are not going to Terminus and that they are going to stay behind and live at the house, at least for the time being.  Lizzie then decides to feed the zombie that Tyreese did not kill down at the train tracks and starts talking about getting changed.  Then a herd of zombies comes, and Mika talks her into running.  Carol, Tyreese, and the girls do a pretty good job of taking out the small herd of zombies.  The next day Carol and Tyreese are talking about their final decision to stay at the house and not go through to Terminus.  When they come back Lizzie has crossed the ultimate thresh hold of crazy and stabs her sister to change her into a zombie.  Then Lizzie proceeds to talk about killing Judith as well to turn her into a zombie.   After this, Carol talks her out of harming Judith and to give her the gun that she was pointing at Carol and Tyreese.  She talks Lizzie into going with Tyreese and
promises Lizzie that she will not try and revive Mika.  It was too late for Mika, and Carol knew it so she couldn't really try and save her.  Think that's crazy?  Well it gets even more gut wrenching than a little girl stabbing her own sister, and talking about stabbing a baby as well.  Carol and Tyreese are absolutely lost for words, and they don't know what to do.  The only thing they do know is that Lizzie cannot be around the baby, and that the ultimate goal is to keep the baby safe no matter what.  But Carol also knew that Tyreese would not be able to survive alone since he needed a few kids to save his life.  Regardless they knew that Lizzie could not stay with them.  Tyreese also tells Carol that Lizzie was the one feeding the zombies at the prison, and that he thinks Lizzie might have killed Karen and David.  Carol tells Tyreese that this is impossible because Lizzie would have waited for them to turn.  Carol then takes Lizzie for a walk and Lizzie is begging Carol to forgive her and asking her if she is mad at her.  Carol tells Lizzie to look at the flowers and then raises her gun and shoots Lizzie in the head.  Then back at the house Carol tells Tyreese that she was the one who killed Karen and David and that he could "do what he needed to do".  Tyreese was upset, but told Carol that he would forgive her, but not forget.  Carol and Tyreese then decide after the events that happened at the house that they could not stay there.  Too many bad things had happened and it was time to move on, and the place to move onto was Terminus where most of the rest of the group had decided to move towards.  

Overall I give this episode a 10 out of 10. This episode was gut wrenching in every way and had us
all by surprise.   Just when we thought the episode wasn't going to get any more dark it just keeps going.  The writers of The Walking Dead just took television horror to a whole new level, and we have seen the darkest horror that may have ever crossed television.  The Walking Dead has delivered us another amazing episode leaving us wanting more.  Just when we think the show has covered every possible aspect of grief during the zombie apocalypse they deliver us something more gut wrenching and dark than any show has before.  Not only did the writers do a phenomenal job with this episode, but the actors did such an amazing job as well.  Melissa McBride (Carol) did an incredible job with going through every possible emotion that Carol could have been feeling and was absolutely flawless. (Tyreese) also did an amazing job, and also expressed every emotion perfectly with Tyreese going through so much with the kids as well as finding out that Karen killed David.  Although the girls did an excellent job throughout the show I think it was time for their exit, and was glad the show followed right along with the comic.  As horrible as both of the girls deaths were it was still an amazing episode. The cast and crew could not have done a better job with this episode and I cannot wait for more next week and to see how this show will proceed throughout the next two episodes.


Every week I like to include the sneak peek for next weeks show.  Here it is and stay tuned for next weeks review.

There are only two episodes left of The Walking Dead and the show is only on for one hour every week.  I love getting my horror and zombie fix more than once per week, and by doing that I love reading some excellent zombie books.  Lately I have been enjoying the Walking Dead novel series.  It is such a great series and ties in with the comic and show so well.  It goes into some great character depth and I love it just as much as I read the comic book series.  If you are looking for another great zombie comic with more humor than I would suggest Dan Conner's, My Gal the Zombie.  Its a great comic with no gore, but some great humor and art.  The thing I love about My Gal, the Zombie is the great diversity that the book takes you through.  Another great zombie book that is a little more on the horror side is Brian Parker's, GNASH.  This is a great novel that I have been enjoying and its a great book.  Brian also has a children's zombie book that your little ones may enjoy.  Get caught up on some great reading material while The Walking Dead is not on TV, unfortunately the season is about to come to an end. 

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Comic Book Wednesday: Weekly top ten comic book picks (3-12-14)

Every week we like to give our fans the top ten books we recommend and plan on purchasing each week.  We also like to give one kids recommendation in our top ten. These weekly blogs do not include any spoilers just a summary of the book usually provided by the comic book distributor.  We also release comic book reviews every Wednesday that do include reviews with spoilers. Keep in mind the covers we provide are our preference so it may not be available or you may prefer a different cover.  Make sure to go to the comic distributors for information on every variant released for the books.  Don't forget to shop at Mile High Comics for amazing deals and they also have every book available to order before its released.  Usually if you order online you can get a free book with your order, and they also offer other discounts. 

Batman #29:  Zero Year reaches its final conclusion this week with this incredible extra sized book.  There will be some secrets from Batman's past revealed, what do you think they will be?  How is this going to impact Batman's future and the next chapter of Zero Year?  This is a Batman do not miss, and there are several variants available for this book including but not limited to a blank variant and Robot Chicken variant. 

Bloodshot and Hard Corps #20:  Valiant has some great books this week and I plan on picking up every single one of them.  I love this series and I can't wait to read this weeks book.  This week, Project Rising Sprit has send Bloodshot and H.A.R.D corps their all or nothing military team after be├ľArcher & Armstrong.  Do they stand a chance in this battle?

Kids Pick: Regular Show Skips #5 (of 6):  This series is a great humorous book that your kids will love.  I like this series because there are many lesson for them to learn as well as being packed with action and humor.  If you are looking for other options there are great Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and My Little Pony books coming out this week.

Manifest Destiny #5:  I have picked up every book in this series and enjoyed every one.  This weeks book should be extra exciting.  Lois and Clark are trapped in the wilderness with their supplies withering away, and also running very short on ammo.  Their mission seems to be doomed after these circumstances and then after they also encounter infected men and that just adds to their turmoil.  Will they be able to survive? 

Nightwing #29:  It has been a while since I have picked up a Nighwing book, but this weeks book is going to be incredible.  There are also a few variants available for this book just like the Batman book and it also has a Robot Chicken Variant like many of the other DC books released this week.  Nightwing must stop Mr. Zsasz's rampage before he causes too much destruction.  Will he be able to do it?  Don't miss this amazing book that is part of Forever Evil. 

Spawn:  I always love getting a new Spawn book, especially as a huge Todd Mcfarlane fan.  In this weeks book we find out what happened with Jim and Cogliostro at the Construction site.  What do you think happened?  Expect this weeks book to be packed with revelations and action (oh and of course some amazing art). 

Superior Spider-Man #29:  This series is one that I have thoroughly enjoyed, and every week a book is released I am always pumped.  In this weeks book, its Goblin Nation part 3 of 5 and The Spider-Slayer Squadron were supposed to be under Mayor J. Jonah Jameson's control...but now they've been drafted into The Goblin Nation.  What will the outcome be?  There is a variant cover for this book so make sure to check out both covers.

The Star Wars #6 (of 8) Lucas Draft:  This series is one I have enjoyed and have picked up every issue so far.  Its got some great character depth, and it also is packed with action.  Some complications with an Imperial Fighter Craft, A dangerous asteroid field, and many other things end up Luke Skywalker and crew on a planet with the wookies.  Princess Leia also gets separated and captured and then Starkiller goes Jedi on them.  Don't miss this weeks book for some great Star Wars action.

Unity #5:  Since the Unity series has been back I have picked up every issue and could not be more pleased with this series.  There have been some amazing writers and artists on every book and it has kept me pumped for a new book every time one is released.  From the Earth Shaking consequences of their first battle, Ninjak is leading the newly formed Unity team to fight the next immense villain in the valiant universe, Dr. Silk and his high tech terror cell, Webnet.  Matt Kindt takes over the Valiant Universe with this book and I would not miss it.  There are several variant covers available for this book including the Matt Kindt Black and White variant. 

Walking Dead #123:  The Anniversary series is starting to come to an end with this being the 9th out of 10th book in the series.  I have not missed a book in this series and I get pumped every time a book is released.  Walking Dead is one of my favorite comic book series and the anniversary collection has been phenomenal.  All Out War continues and we find out who's side Dwight is really on.  What do you think will happen in All Out War this week?  Which side will Dwight choose?   Next week we will be releasing reviews for every book in the anniversary series.

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Event: Denver Comic Con Guest announcement #8

In the past week Denver Comic Con has announced more incredible guests, and if you haven't gotten your tickets already then you won't be able to resist after more amazing guests have been added to next years event.  There will also be a 2oth anniversary celebration that I cannot wait for.

Several days ago after we learned about the incredible Batman lineup for next year there was also another incredible Batman artist released the next day.  Tim Sale was added to the guest list to this years event.  If you are not familiar with his work he has made some amazing contributions to:  Tim Sale is the Eisner Award-winning artist of:  Batman: Dark Victory, Batman: Haunted Knight, Batman: The Long Halloween, Catwoman: When in Rome, Superman: Kryptonite, Solo, and is also featured in the NBC hit television series, Heros.  Tim has also contributed his talents to many comic book series, and is a personal favorite of mine.  I cannot wait to see Tim at next years event and could not be more excited about such an amazing and talented artist being added to this years event.  Patrick Gleason is also another talented DC Comics and Batman artist that was added to this years event.   There are so many amazing Batman icons coming to Denver Comic Con this year, and I cannot wait.

The next guest announced was Gigi Edgely, and you may recognize her the most from the Sci-Fi series, Farscape.  At the moment Gigi is working on Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge.  Following the next day another actor was announced for this years event, and that actor is Karl Urban.   You most likely know him in the following: Judge Dredd, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, The Chronicles of Riddick, and Xena: Warrior Princess.  Both are excellent actors and I cannot wait to see them both at this years event. 

The same day there was also another talented comic book icon announced that is one of my personal favorites.  John Layman was also added to this years guest list, and you most likely know him for creating, penciling, and lettering the series CHEW from Image Comics.  There is a lot of amazing comic book talent that was added to this years events, and John Layman is another added bonus.  I can't wait to see him and get some of my books signed by him at Denver Comic Con this year.  Another amazing comic book writer was announced the same day, and he is also a personal favorite of mine and another amazing writer who has worked on Batman and many other titles.   His work includes but is not limited to:  Adventure Time, Adventures of Superman, Batman: Arkham Unhinged, Batman: Lil' Gotham, Detective Comics Villains Month: Poison Ivy,  Streets of Gotham, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the New Animated Series.  It will be great to meet such an amazing writer with work that we have all grown to love recently, and over the years.  

The guest announcement that I found to be most exciting this week was Denver Comic Con's announcement that they would be celebrating the Gargoyle's 20th anniversary this year by featuring programming of Gargoyle's and Bioware's game, Mass Effect.  There are have also been some amazing guests added to this years event to celebrate the 20th anniversary.  The guests joining us are actors Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Thom Adcox-Hernandez from Gargoyles and series creator Greg Weisman.   I had the pleasure in meeting Weisman at last years event and his panels and meeting him was amazing.  I am a huge fan of all of Weisman's work and stoked that he is returning again this year. To feature Mass Effect the event will also have a session with Kimberly Brooks, Mark Meer, and Raphael Sbarge.  You may also know Raphael from once upon a time and he also started acting in Seseme Street at the young age of five. Director of Denver Comic Con Dr. Chris Angel stated: “When we’re booking guests for DCC we try to provide a little something for every attendee,” said Dr. Christina Angel, DCC director. “Getting the ‘Gargoyles’ group together for the 20th anniversary and so many of the people behind Mass Effect provides synergy to the sessions we’re providing. What’s more, we’re always looking to add to these synergies—stay tuned for more ‘Gargoyles’ and Mass Effect announcements in the coming weeks, as well as other exciting plans still in the works.”   There will also be more guests announced to help celebrate this exciting celebration at the con. 

Denver Comic Con not only holds one of the best cons in the nation, but there are also some great benefits when you attend.  The main benefit in going to Denver Comic Con is the proceeds go to
Comic Book Classroom, a literacy program for kids.  Not only will you be attending one of the best cons in the nation, but you will also be contributing to what matters the most, our kids and future kids.  Comic Book Classroom has excellent panels and activities throughout the con, and we felt like all 4 of our tickets were easily paid for in the activities the kids participated in.  If you have kids, not only will they have a great time seeing some of their favorite celebrities, but they also get the enjoyment of participating in so many kids activities.  There are even several panels for the kiddos on how to make their own comics, and they also will get the fun joy in making comics of their own.  Even if you don't have kids, you have the excitement of attending one of the best cons in the nation and also getting the joy of contributing to little ones while you are doing it.  Comic Book Classroom arranges excellent after school programs at various schools across the state to help kids learn how to read, write, and write their own comics.  For more information on Comic Book Classroom please be sure to visit their website and Facebook page.  They also have excellent pamphlets you can print from DCC's website.  Please come and join us for all the excitement at Denver Comic Con next year and contribute to children just by attending

Tickets are selling fast so make sure to get them soon and don't wait until the last minute.  I also picked up my hotel today at the Hyatt.  There are three hotels you can stay at during the event, and also make sure to pick up a room quick because they are going fast.  You can find the hotel information on Denver Comic Con's Facebook page as well as our Facebook page as well.   Also make sure to subscribe to the newsletter on Demver Comic Cons website to make sure you get all the updates the second they are released.  I hope to see you all at this years event.

Blog written by:  Gina at Geeking 4 Everyone

Denver Comic Con:

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Event: Animeland Wasabi: Saturday

Animeland Wasabi had me pumped from the previous day and I could not wait to get my day started the next day.  It was going to be a great day with an interview with a great game designer, walking around with other media friends, attending panels, and ending the day with a press conference with guests of the convention.  

Saturday morning I had an interview with game designer, Eric Wile.  I was not able to attend the Futurama panel with John DiMaggio and Billy West but it was well worth it to be able to sit down with a great game designer.  This was a joint interview and I did the interview with another media site, Anime Pulse.  It was awesome because most questions we asked were different so the whole interview flowed great.  Eric had some great things to say in general about designing games and also the future technology with gaming and what his aspirations are for the future of gaming.  Please stay tuned for our audio on this interview.

After the interview I went and walked around the Dealer room some more and met up with my friends from Girls of Geek12 again.  We also met up with our friends Josh and Katie from Points of Interest Podcasting network.  We walked around and checked out all the weapons and toys again of course.  I also stopped by the Colorado Movie Cars table again and picked up some of their awesome posters and a License plate.  Another amazing booth was a corset/costuming booth and she made the most amazing costumes.  They are more expensive, but worth every penny in my eyes.  There were several costumes such as Assasins Creed and a Tardis Costume. I also stopped by DiMaggio's and West's table to get some autographs.  Both men were some of the nicest men I had ever met and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with both of them.  Later on in the evening I also got to take a photo with them in the photo booth.  After enjoying some more time in the dealer room it was time to head to the costume contest.

The Costumes throughout the con and the props for the con were some of the most unique and creative costumes I had seen in a while.  Just about every costume was home made by the person wearing it, and the creativity got more and more astounding by the minute.  The judges for the contest were: cosplay guests Nicole Marie Jean, Destiny Nickelsen, Electric Lady, and costume designer Tanglwyst De Holloway.  The host of the costume contest was geek comedian, Karl “Uncle Yo” Kuster, Jr.  He kept the crowd going and was a good choice for hosting the contest, and did a goof job with throwing some comedy in here and there. There were several impressive costumes and the people in the contest also did skits out on the stage.  The costume you see is one of the costumes that won the contest.  The girls felt like this person did an excellent job with every little detail.  There were several different categories for the contest and several different winners.  After the contest I headed to the photo booth to take a Futurama Group photo with Billy West and John DiMaggio.  It was a pleasure seeing and talking with them both again and I hope to run into them at a con again someday soon in the future. 

To wrap the night up we had a press conference with some of the other guests.  There were five guests total in the press conference.  It was great to see some other guests that really made Animeland happen.   Each of the guests played a major role in making Animeland happen and it was great to see and hear every one of them talk about their past, present, and future endeavors.  They all had great advice to give about future goals for any one in the entertainment World. To end off the night it was dinner as usual at the hotel.  I did not attend the rave from it being such a long day but I had friends from other media sites that went and said it was a great time.  Overall it was a great day just like any other con that I thoroughly enjoy.  And as always, Animeland left me pumped for the next and final day.

Blog Written by: Gina at Lords of Geek/Geeking 4 Everyone

Animeland Wasabi:

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Denver Comic Con: Guest Announcements #7

Denver Comic Con has announced some amazing guests already for this years event and there was four more guests announced this afternoon on 9 news.  I was already pumped after the guests they had announced but this announcement puts the icing on the cake for this years event.  There will be plenty more guest announced, but for now this should leave you with a lot of excitement for this years event.  The latest guest announcement on 9 news today will leave the fans of the Caped Crusader especially pumped.  There will be some guests joining us from the Batman 1966 TV series and also from our favorite Batman cartoon,  Batman: The Animated Series. 

The Legend for the Caped Crusader, Adam West was the first guest announced for this years event.  He lived and breathed Batman for most of his life.  He reappeared in Batman: The Animated Series after playing Batman for many years in the 1966 TV series.  West is also known for several Television commercials, and several voice overs.  He has reappeared in several cartoons over the years with Batman and also has appeared in SpongeBob, and The Simpsons.  I cannot wait to see and possibly meet the original Batman at this years event.  There were also some more guests announced from one of our favorite Batman Television series. 

The excitement doesn't stop there the next guest announced is another star from one of our favorite Batman TV series, and that guest is Burt Ward.  He played Robin in the Batman 1966 TV series along side with Adam West.  Having both of them at this years event is very exciting and I could not be more pleased with this announcement.  Ward also had other roles including but not limited to recording an album with Rock Star, Frank Zappa. 

The third guest announced for this years event is another star from the Batman 1966 Television series.  This guest is Julie Newmar who played Catwoman and an excellent addition to the guest list for this year, especially with Adam West and Burt Ward attending, this will make a great trio for this years event.  This was the last guest announced today for the Batman 1966 Television series, but there was also a guest added from our favorite Batman cartoon. 

If the first three guests weren't spectacular enough then you will be extra pumped for this one.  The last guest announced on 9 news today was a voice actor from our favorite Batman Animated TV series, Batman: The Animated Series.  Kevin Conroy has been added to the guest list for this year.  Kevin is a legend and I could not be more excited about him being a guest this year.  Having all four guests, and plus Neal Adams and other Batman artists makes the guest list at Denver Comic Con incredible for Batman fans.  Don't miss some incredible Batman guests and many other incredible guests that have already been added to this years event.

Denver Comic Con not only holds one of the best cons in the nation, but there are also some great benefits when you attend.  The main benefit in going to Denver Comic Con is the proceeds go to
Comic Book Classroom, a literacy program for kids.  Not only will you be attending one of the best cons in the nation, but you will also be contributing to what matters the most, our kids and future kids.  Comic Book Classroom has excellent panels and activities throughout the con, and we felt like all 4 of our tickets were easily paid for in the activities the kids participated in.  If you have kids, not only will they have a great time seeing some of their favorite celebrities, but they also get the enjoyment of participating in so many kids activities.  There are even several panels for the kiddos on how to make their own comics, and they also will get the fun joy in making comics of their own.  Even if you don't have kids, you have the excitement of attending one of the best cons in the nation and also getting the joy of contributing to little ones while you are doing it.  Comic Book Classroom arranges excellent after school programs at various schools across the state to help kids learn how to read, write, and write their own comics.  For more information on Comic Book Classroom please be sure to visit their website and Facebook page.  They also have excellent pamphlets you can print from DCC's website.  Please come and join us for all the excitement at Denver Comic Con next year and contribute to children just by attending.

Tickets are selling fast so don't wait until last minute and make sure you pick them up soon.  Also make sure to subscribe to the newsletter on Denver Comic Con's website so you get all the updates. I hope to see everyone at Denver Comic Con 2014.  And stay tuned to our page and website for more Denver Comic Con guest announcements. 

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Denver Comic Con:

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Event: Animeland Wasabi: Friday

For weeks we have been pumped for the next Anime event in town, Animeland Wasabi.  That moment has finally arrived and the first day of the event was just as good as I expected it to be.  I was covering the event as press with my friends site, Lords of Geek. Overall, it was an incredible day and weekend.

Arriving on Friday I went and picked up my press pass and was pumped and ready to start rocking out this con.  I also attended the con with our friends from Girls of Geek12 and had a great time covering this event with friends.  I started in the dealer room, and there seemed to be something for everyone.  This seemed to be the most packed room at the event. The merchandise I was most interested in was the toys.  There were plenty of toys to fill every desire I had in me.  The Katana's and Ghostbuster toys got the little kid in me out the most.  The Make a Wish booth was highly impressive and it is a booth that I will be making sure to stop by frequently throughout the weekend.  There were two great guys running the booth, and one of them specialized in metal projects and the other one was the digital painter.  The charity lover in me was very impressed with the merchandise they were contributing to the Make a Wish foundation.  I could not resist buying something from both of them the work was absolutely amazing.  JC who did the metal work also is a stunt man/actor and I could not resist buying an Avengers metal cutout to hang in my living room.  The digital painter was also extremely talented and I could not resist buying some of his work as well.  JC also made an amazing Captain America shield that was out of this World.  Colorado Movie Cars is also another one of my favorite charity organizations that is ran by friend, Kevin Henry.  They have some amazing cars and the proceeds go to charities like the Children's Hospital.  Kevin has some amazing cars, and there are also other guys in the group with some amazing vehicles.  Kevin and Colorado Movie Cars is just at about every event and every time they are I always catch up with them.  Each day I
also stopped by the Denver Comic Con table.  There were several booths that had Katana's and Samurai Swords.  Photos were not allowed of the booths themselves, but one of them was nice enough to let me play with one and took a photo of me with one.  All the swords and weapons were highly impressive and I also spend a lot of time at these booths throughout the weekend.  I also stopped in Artist Alley each day and there were some very talented artists with great deals. There were also some great panels this day with all the celebrities, and there were also other great panels and one that intrigued me that I stopped by was Marketing and Creating Comics in a Screen Based World.  I have always enjoyed attending the writing and comics panels.  There were also several Anime panels including Anime Jeopardy that I stopped by for a few minutes.  Even though Friday is usually a more relaxed days at cons, there seemed to be a ton going on and I enjoyed every minute of the panels and attractions they had going on. 

Before the press conference on Friday I also attended the opening ceremonies where the director of the con
talked about how much this con has grown in a year. He mentioned how last year there were only about a dozen panels, and this year there was almost 200.  Overall he had some great things to say about growth and how hard they have worked to make this a great con.  The Press Conference I attended was incredible and all the guests had some great things to say.  The Press Conference was with Billy West, Emilia Ullerup, and Cassandra Lee Morris.  All three guests answered just about every question that was answered and had some great advice to give to all the other aspiring voice actors and actors that were part of the media team. We will be releasing the audio and a blog for the Press Conference by the weekend so that everyone can hear all the great questions asked and answered.

On Friday the last thing of the day was the Formal called the Candy Kingdom.  All the attendees were dressed in formal wear and there was a DJ with a dance in the main events room.  I also stopped by the gaming room since it ran until 4 am.  The gaming room was highly impressive, there were so many games set up that everyone would be able to play what they wanted.  They had a big Guitar Hero/Rock Band set up on stage for all the gamers who love the music games.  There was also a big set up on the floor for all the gamers who like the dance games.  They also had tables set up with game after game, and I think it was one of the biggest gaming rooms I have seen at an event.  They also had huge Televisions set up with some games.  The Colorado Cutthroat connection did a phenomenal job with all the gaming activities and also the setup.  The gaming room was packed most of the time I was in there, even at very late hours of the night. 

This is a con I have grown to love, and the atmosphere and the fans really makes you feel at home.  Overall it was a great day and it left me pumped for more the next day.  The costumes were more creative that I had seen at most cons.  There were so many that were so creative up to every last detail, and I couldn't wait until the next day to see more incredible costumes and panels. I was also extremely excited for my interview Eric Wile,

Blog Written by: Gina at Lords of Geek/Geeking 4 Everyone

Animeland Wasabi:

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Event: Excitement for Animeland Wasabi 2014

It's time for another con and I could not be more excited for Animeland Wasabi.  As an Anime fan I am stoked for this con, and the anime convention we have been anticipating for weeks is finally almost here.  Just like last weekend I am reporting for Lords of geek as well as my own site.

There are so many great guests attending to this years event and my biggest excitement was for the voice
actors they have attending this year.  The two voice actors I am most excited for is John DiMaggio and Billy West.  DiMaggio who is Bender on Futurama and Billy West who plays Fry on Futurama.  West also played Stimpy on Ren and Stimpy, and he also was Doug Funnie from the kids cartoon Doug.  Both men are extremely talented voice actors and I can't wait to see them both.  Jessica Dicicco is also another talented voice actress that is attending, and if you are not familiar with her work she plays Flame Princess on Adventure Time.  These are my favorite voice actors that are attending, but there are tons of other great voice actors attending.  There are also some great Television actors coming.  Emilie Ullercup is a guest attending and is also a guest.  She played in played in Battlestar Galactica, Sanctuary, and Blood Ties. Teryl Rothery is also coming who played in Arrow and Stargate SG-1.  There are also some other guests attending other than actors and TV personalities.  Gamers, Eric Wile is a guest and he is a game developer that did the following games: Planetside, Star Wars Galaxies, and Everquest II.  Geek Comedian Karl "Uncle Yo" Cluster Jr. is also a guest who is a stand up geek comedian, and a internet and podcasting personality.  If you want autographs they range anywhere from $20-$50 depending on the guest.   Animeland has a list of all the guests and autograph fees, so if you want to know a price for a specific guest then make sure to check it out on their website.  

Let's not forget the talent in cosplay and costumes.  Nicole Marie Jean will be there as well as Destiny Nickelsen.  Both ladies are extremely talented with what they do and if you are interested in the cosplay World they are definitely the ones to learn from.  Friend and famous Cosplayer Nicole Marie Jean is one of my personal favorites.  Not only does she have some great talent, but the girl is an all out geek.  There are plenty of great cosplayers that are talented, but she is someone that knows her geek facts.  Its great talking with her because she is knowledgeable about the things that all of us geeks like to talk about.  Make sure to stop by both girls tables and booths.

Animeland Wasabi not only has a lot of great guests attending but they also have a lot of great activities going
on all weekend long.  There are activities for everyone there, including activities for little ones and families.  One of the biggest activities going on is the Supercon 2K series.  If you are a hardcore gamer, or just an every once in a while gamer the Supercon 2K series will have something for you.  There are tournaments, raffles, prizes, and all kinds of other great gaming activities to get your gamer fix for the weekend.  On  Friday at 3:00 pm there is also the Maid Cafe where you can go and meet the Maids of Animeland and have cocktails and food with them.  There is also Technosabi on Saturday night which is the rave for the convention, and it even has extended hours until 4:00 am.  There will be tons of great DJ's throughout the convention and some great musical guests at Technosabi.  If you already have a badge for this day then you will not need to pay.  Otherwise its $15 if you pre register, and $25 at the door. There will also be tons of great panels, and other activities for people of all ages.

After you see all the main attractions and celebreties you want to see its great walking through Aritist Alley and the dealer room.   Its great to talk to some other artists and see all the great merchandise that Animeland Wasabi has to offer.  They have so many talented artists coming this year and I cannot wait to catch up with some of them.  Animeland also has tons of great sponsors that I am sure you will like to stop by and see.  The follwing sponsor this years con:  Beston Entertainment, Colorado Cutthroat Connection,  Colorado Movie Cars, Conclave of Gamers, Custom Build Katana Experts, Denver Comic Con, and Westwood College.  I can't wait to catch up with our friends at Colorado Movie Cars and Denver Comic Con.           

  • AA&A Artiistries
  • Kyle Smith
  • StudioRobb
  • Julie Super
  • SuzuShoe
  • - See more at:

  • AA&A Artiistries
  • Kyle Smith
  • StudioRobb
  • Julie Super
  • SuzuShoe
  • - See more at: always fun walking through the dealer room to see what kind of merchadise they have to offer.  You never know what creative geeky merchandise you will find, so its one of my personal favorite things to do.  They will have a little something for everyone in the Dealer Room so make sure to check it out to see what all the merchandisers have to offer.

    If you need overnight accommodations the Crowne Plaza is sold out on hotel rooms, but don't worry there are plenty of other hotels with other great accommodations.  There is also a shuttle service from the Crowne Plaza to the other hotels so you still will not have to worry about transportation if you are coming from out of town. I hope to see you there this weekend and I am pumped for another awesome Anime convention. 

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    Animeland Wasabi:

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