Sunday, October 12, 2014

Excitement for Season five of The Walking Dead

Fans across the globe have been pumped for months for season five of The Walking Dead.  I can say that I am pumped for this season and can't wait to see tonight's show and watch this season unravel.

Last Season we watched one of the most compelling and shocking seasons yet. The group experienced some of the hardest moments that we have seen yet on the show.  First, an illness breaks out at the prison and kills several people.  We also how the apocalypse has affected the children in various ways.  Then the governor declares all out war at the after the governors rage broke out at the prison we see one of our favorite characters, Hershell get murdered.  Little ass kicker went missing and half the group including rick and Carl think she's dead.  We see several of our favorite characters die at the prison.  After the war at the prison the whole group gets seperated.  After seperation we see even more turmoil like Beth getting kidnapped.  And the rest of the group headed to Terminus in small groups.   We all knew that Terminus was too good to be true, and after several of them arrived they discovered that the camp they thought was safe was a camp cannibal.  It was great to see some new characters brought into the show that our some of our favorites in the comic like the scientist and his crew.  Some old characters even come back to cause some mischief like Martinez.

We have seen a few previews since last season of The Walking Dead.  And I can say that I am pumped for this season.  The main focus this season is getting the scientist to Washington to find a cure.  Only it doesn't appear to just be the group that we are familiar with, since the people at Terminus are holding the other captive they are also going with to Washington.  Take a look at this seasons sneak peak and let us know what you think.


We all love zombies, and sometimes even waiting week to week for the next episode of The Walking Dead is grueling. I always like to suggest some great reading and horror artists to keep your interest while waiting for the next show.  A phenomenal author, Brian Parker has some great zombie books.  One being one of my favorite zombie novels, GNASH.  He also writes children's zombie books and has a new book that just got released, Origins of the Outbreak.  Dan Conner also has a great comic book that is one of my personal favorites called, My Gal the Zombie.  I love this comic because it gives us the flip side and makes us take a glimpse of the other side and what problems may rise when someone is a zombie.  This comic is great with everyday struggles and gives us all something to relate to.  Last but not least one of my favorite horror artists is the great Robert Elrod.  He has some great art so be sure to check out his work.  

Stay tuned for more recaps, trailers, and news for one of our favorite shows, The Walking Dead.  

Blog written by Gina at Geeking 4 Everyone