Saturday, January 18, 2014

Geek News: Batman vs Superman movie delayed by 10 months

Normally I would be pumped for any Batman vs Superman news, but today Warner Bros. announced that the movie would be delayed by 10 months from July 17th 2015 to May 6th of 2016.  Although this is a bummer hopefully the movie will be better.  The new air date will also be airing at the same time as a new Marvel movie.  Warner Bros President of domestic distribution, Dan Fellman issued the following statement: "“We are happy to take advantage of these coveted summer dates, which are perfect for two of our biggest tent pole releases. We share the fans’ excitement to see DC Comics’ most popular figures, Superman and Batman, together on the big screen for the first time, which will now be arriving in theatres in May 2016.  Peter Pan has delighted people of every generation for more than a century, so we are thrilled to bring him back to the screen next summer for today’s moviegoers."  There is many reasons that the date of the movie could have been pushed back, including Marvel having a movie being released the same weekend.  As far as the cast for this movie we know that Henry Cavill will be Superman and Ben Affleck is the caped crusader.  Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman and some of the co stars include: Amy Adams, Diane Lane, and Laurence Fishburne.  There have also been some cast rumored such as Joaquin Phoenix and Jason Momoa, but nothing official yet.  Regardless, I can't wait to see this movie and the wait makes the anticipation that much harder.  Make sure to stay tuned for more Batman vs Superman news updates and other geek news.

Blog written by: Gina at Geeking 4 Everyone

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