Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Geek News: Civil War trailer released

Fans are pumped for Marvel's next movie Captain America: Civil War and within the last hour they just released the new trailer.  They had announced a few weeks ago that it would be released during Star Wars, but maybe there will be another trailer during that movie.  When I was at Salt Lake Comic Con this year Chris Evans said during his panel that this was his favorite Captain America movie yet and he thinks it will be the best one yet.  I am pumped for this movie, and it was great to see a glimpse of this movie.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Movie Review: Hunger Games

Ever since the last Hunger Games, fans across the globe have been pumped for the last part of the trilogy.  That moment finally arrived when this movie was released a few days ago.  Last season we watched as distinct 13 was formed and watched Katniss and Peta struggle to get back to one another.  And at the very end we see Peta strangle Katniss and nearly killing the love of his life.  As fans we were pumped for a long time to see what happens next and now we finally get that chance. It's time for the war with The Capital, and this could be the most compelling and devastating movie yet.

It was time for War on the Capital and President Snow, and this may be the most intense Hunger Games yet.  And there is also an issue with Peta's hatred towards Katniss.  From the start of the movie we see Peta's Hatred for Katniss when he tells her sister that she is evil and needs to be killed. Throughout the movie it is hard to know whether or not if Peta is going to kill Katniss or someone else.  And when and where he can possibly snap, he spend most of the movie either tied down to a bed or with his hands tied up.  It was very obvious that the Capital and President Snow had caused some major mental damage on Peta.  This makes Katniss more and more angry to see how much Peta hates her, and it just makes her more desperate to go and Kill President Snow.  President Coin tells her that its not time yet and they must gain the support from district 2 due to needing to store fire power there.  Then in the beginning of the movie Katniss gets shot by some civilians siding with President Snow.  She convinces them to stop fighting for him and is of course ok. Gwendoline Christie is head of district 2 and she is not too fond of supporting Coins wishes.  She is afraid of the danger and is not sure Coin is able to promise protection.  Coin convinces her into helping and that makes them one step closer from being able to attack the Capital and one step closer to taking over Panem and put Katniss in the field again to continue to be the Mockingjay.  We see President Snow get frustrated throughout the movie at how much trouble President Coin, Katniss, and the rest of district 13 were stirring up.  Peta then tells Katniss about the story when they met and how he took a beating from his parents for giving her food, and how he wished that he let her starve because she wasn't worth the beating.  Katniss continued to be adamant about getting to the Capital and killing Snow.  Finnick and his girlfriend get married, Katniss was planning to leave right after the ceremony and she had one last dance with Prim and then she was off to the front lines.  When she danced with Prim it was almost like it was the last time she was going to see her.  Throughout the movie there was also forced romance between Katniss and Gale.  She kissed him a few times and he told her that it felt like he was forcing her to kiss him and it didn't feel right.  He said she only kissed him when he was upset, which appeared to always be true now and in the past.  In the last two movies it was obvious that Gale changed.  He is not as compassionate as he use to be and doesn't seem to care who is caught in the crossfire as long as the mission is done.  Hammidge was also the best support system that Katniss could have gotten in this movie.

After she arrived she met her troops and again Boggs was the leader.  Peta and Finnick also joined Katniss and her group.  Katniss was pretty convinced that Coin sent Peta to have her killed, and he stayed with his hands tied most of the time.  There was a tracking system they had to use due to there being so many traps set up, unfortunately even with the system telling them where there were so many traps and Boggs got hit by one of them and it killed him.  He gave security clearance to Katniss and she lied to the group and said he and Coin gave her access which was not true.  Eventually they went through a tunnel to get President Snow and this did not work out very well.  They encountered some zombie like creatures and they were vicious.  The group was barely able to escape them and unfortunately Finnick died.  Once they get out President snow announces that he wants to get everyone fed, and first the children get air lifted.  Then some parachutes come down from the sky and bombs go off and kill all those children.  This was definitely the most horrific part in the entire movie series period.  Then of course President Coin and her army take over, she gets the victors in a room and tells them she wants to start another Hunger games with the people who helped snow with his games.  Peta and one other member said no while Hammich and Katniss said yes as long as she got to kill President Snow.  Katniss then sees President Snow and he tells her that he was not the one to set off the bombs, that President Coin was the one to do it.  He has a way of getting to her and she believes him.  The next day it was time for Katniss to kill President Snow.  She then gets out her bow and arrow and at the last minute shoots President Coin instead of President Snow.  After she doesn't kill President snow the civilians just attack him and you assume he's dead due to the mob of people that rush at him, but you don't see him actually get killed.  

After everything is over Katniss and Peta both go home.  Things were a little weird between them at first, but he started growing some flowers that were called a Primrose.  This is what really broke the ice between the two of them, and then he started staying with her at her old house.  They get a letter from Finnick's widow saying that she had a baby, which was the best ending she could have gotten after losing Finnick.  Its not long before the two end up in bed together and then at the end it shows Peta in the field with their son who appeared to be 3, and Katniss was holding their daughter who was a baby.  The moment that was captured in the end of the movie might have been worth it to Katniss and Peta it was their absolute heaven and there was happiness in their eyes that has never been seen before.  This group will always have the terror and fear in their minds of everything they have gone through, they have lost wifes, siblings, parents, and children.  But, in the end they received as happy of an ending as they could have possibly gotten.

All the anticipation for this movie was well worth the wait, it was absolutely incredible.  This may have been my favorite Hunger Games movie yet.  It is a bummer that this is the ending to an amazing book series and movie series, but it was an incredible ending at that.  I would rate this movie a 10 out of 10.  There is not much I would change, the books were amazing and this movie followed the book pretty closely.  Its hard to say if I would want to change anything or not because of the fact that this follows an amazing story line out of a book, to me that is someones art and their creation so I don't feel it should be changed too drastically.  It was great to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman in one last part, and remember what an amazing talent he has as an amazing actor. I am glad they made this movie into two parts, I don't think one would have done this book justice.  It was also good to see the perspective of Katnisss friend being so hell bend on saving every one in the beginning and then towards the end of this movie we start to see him care less and less about the casualties that are involved.   This movie really gave fans a feel of how it really affected someone mentally, and also to see the damage done on Peta and see him come back from that and get the life that he wanted after being tortured and brainwashed from the one person that was his comfort zone.  This was the best possible ending to an amazing trilogy, and I don't think we could have gotten a better conclusion.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Walking Dead Recap and Review: Season 6 Episode 6

This season of The Walking Dead has been absolutely incredible and I couldn't be more happy about this season.  With every season of this show and every episode the story line gets better and more intense.  This season we have seen the group with their struggles in and out of Alexandria and we have seen how much the group has come together and developed new relationships, and also had relationships change from last season.  The last episode we see the group struggle so much trying to fight for Alexandria, and this episode we continue to see that struggle grow.  We see a lot of Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham in this episode as they encounter some obstacles.

The episode starts with Cars Started shooting at Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl then Daryl just takes off and falls off his bike and there is a rotting zombie right next to him with a helmet on.  Daryl feels like he's being followed and then finds two girls and then a man comes up behind him and hits him in the head.  He wakes up and then are all by a fire and he is tied up.  Then they are walking and taking Daryl to some group they are part of.  They seem to think that Daryl belongs to someone, or that he's part of some kind of group.  The thought crossed my mind and they think that Daryl is a wolf.  Daryl eventually escapes and then takes off with their bag because his crossbow is in it and then sees that there is also a cooler of insulin, and then of course the man that Daryl is he isn't going to just leave with someones insulin even if they did shoot and him and his friends and kidnap him.  Daryl brought back the insulin to them and then some people got out of the truck and told the people Daryl was with he owed them. They escaped and now all of a sudden these people were allies with Daryl instead of kidnapping him. They realize that Daryl was not part of the group he thought he was.  Throughout the episode we see flashes of Sasha and Abraham, and we start to see them develop a bond that we have never seen before.  Abraham also almost kills himself with a flamethrower because of a zombie about to fall with one on his back, but it ends up being ok and he now has a flamethrower.  I have a feeling this could be very useful back at Alexandria with all the zombies lurking.   Almost the whole episode we see Daryl's struggle with these people at one way or another and towards the end he loses his most prized possession besides the crossbow.  At the end, the two people who took Daryl turn their backs on him and take his bike after pretending to be allies after kidnapping him.  Luckily, the only casualty this episode was one of the girls in the group with Daryl.  Daryl started asking the guy in the group the questions rick asks people before he lets them into their home.  And then he tells him that he lives in a safe place and people are what they were.  They took his bike and then said sorry and left.  Daryl then found a huge truck and went and picked up Sasha and Abraham and then that concludes last weeks episode.

I thought this was an amazing episode and I would rate this episode a 10 out of 10.  Most of the time I end up rating The Walking Dead a 10 out of 10 because it is so amazing.  Even though it seemed like spending a whole episodes on these strangers will Daryl seemed a bit much I think they will tie into the story line with Negan and this was a very important episode for down the road.  With wanting to know so badly about what happens to Glenn, its easy to not care about what else is going on, but I think this episode started to give us some insight to what might happen in the future.  I thought it was interesting that Daryl never told the people who tried to kidnap him that he wasn't part of the group that they thought he was and let them figure it out on their own.  I have always thought that this made Daryl's character so unique but I figured he would tell them being kidnapped.  One thing I loved about this story and a piece of tonights episode was Sasha and Abrahams romance. I have never really liked him and  Rosita as a match. You don't get the same feel like you do with Glenn and Maggie or even Tara and the Doctor.  But Sasha and Abraham do give me that vibe, and I think their chemistry is amazing.  I thought it was good to see a little humor when they said he had things to take care of when he got home meaning that he had some breaking up to do with Rosita.  I did love seeing Daryl the entire episode since it has been a while since he was the main focus.  Scott Gimple said that we would know what happened to Glenn before the end of the year, and tonights episode will be before the end of the year.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ash Vs Evil Dead-Recap and Review: Season 1 Episode 3

Ash vs Evil dead is a show I am pumped for every week.  We have seen Bruce Campbell come back and kick some major demon butt, and its good to have him back.  The last few episodes we have gotten a glimpse of where this story line is leading and also gotten to meet some new characters. This week we continue to see the group fight to stop all this from happening and they are pretty confident that they will be able to stop this for good.

The episode starts with a woman getting out of the car and wandering around Kelly's parents house and then her father who was buried in the ground who was a demon reached out and tried to grab her.  She asks him if Ash was there with the book and then he told her to go to hell. She then put him through a stake and continued to ask him and he still refused so she cut a circle in his head with a big knife.  Ash, Pablo, and Kelly get to the bookstore and then before they walk in they are talking about splitting up after they go in the bookstore to get the book translated.  Ash walks in and rings the bell and it takes the man a minute to get out there, and then the cop walks out when the man at the store comes out.  The cop goes outside and then calls the sketch artist, realizes its Ash and then goes in the store and tries to arrest them.  Then Pablo knocks her out and then Ash handcuffs her to to the wall.  The man in the store said the book was his life's work.  He translates the book.  He then makes a huge circle on the floor with a star in in out of salt to try and call the demons.  They decide to call a demon that prays on the spiritually and emotionally weak.  The cop wakes up and then her and Kelly are arguing with each other.  The bookstore then starts to fall apart and everything breaks from calling the demon. The demon comes through and the man tells Ash not to break the circle that was made out of salt.  Ash asks him questions and the cop comes busting through after Kelly lets her loose and then the demon gets ash and is able to move him around without touching him.  The cop tries to shoot him and it does nothing and then he knocks her out.  The demon then takes a bunch of glass and shoots it towards his face, so then the only way they had of sending the demon back was dead.  And then he turns into a demon so then they just have one more demon to take out.  The demon then appears to start sucking the life out of Ash and Pablo several times going to every synapse in their bodies.  Then Kelly takes the book and hits the demon with it and then the creature just kind of exploded.  Then everything gets calm and now the group knows how to kill them or at least send them away.  Then the cop handcuffs Ash and he takes off his fake hand and gets the cuffs off and cuffs her again to the shelf.  Then the group heads out to the car and Ash is giving Kelly a hard time about letting the cop go.  And that completes the episode from last week.

I thought this was a pretty good episode and rate this episode a 8 out of 10.  It was really good to see the group work together, as well as see the cop be tied into the story line.  One of the coolest parts was seeing the affects when the demon was sucking the life out of Ash and Pablo.  The only thing is I still didn't feel overly excited for this episode.  I still enjoyed it thoroughly but it didn't leave me completely pumped for the next week.  Its still amazing seeing Bruce Campbell back in action, but I hope there starts to be some cliffhangers soon to leave fans pumped for the next week.  I am not sure I completely am enthused for the character that the cop plays either, its great having her part of the story line but I am not sure that I am enjoying her character.  Make sure to check out Ash vs Evil Dead tonight and stay tuned for more Ash vs Evil Dead reviews.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Every week we like to give our fans the top ten books we recommend and plan on purchasing each week.  We also like to give one kids recommendation in our top ten. These weekly blogs do not include any spoilers just a summary of the book usually provided by the comic book distributor.  We also release comic book reviews every Wednesday that do include reviews with spoilers. Keep in mind the covers we provide are our preference so it may not be available or you may prefer a different cover.  Make sure to go to the comic distributors for information on every variant released for the books.  Don't forget to shop at Mile High Comics for amazing deals and they also have every book available to order before its released.  Usually if you order online you can get a free book with your order, and they also offer other discounts.  This week I was not overly pumped for the books coming out but I still found some that I want to pick up.  

Batman Europa #1:  I have been looking forward to this book for a while now.  One of my favorite artists, Jim Lee who is a huge Batman artist returns to this series.  His art is absolutely amazing and can't wait to see what he delivers for this issue.  In the first issue Batman is on the verge of being taken down by an enemy due to being defeated by a virus that there is no cure.  Batman's only hope is to have The Joker help him.  Together the enemies will encounter Europe desperate for answers. Who infected Batman?  Will Joker be able and be willing to help Batman with a cure?  There are three variants for this book and Jim Lee is the artist on two of the covers, be sure to check them all out. 

Bloodshot Reborn #8:  One of my favorite comics by Valiant is bloodshot.  I have always loved this comic and I have been enjoying this series so far.  This week all the secrets with Project Bloodshot are finally revealed.  Festival and Hoyt discover a much bigger counterplot than they ever imagined. Bloodshot must stop the nanites from taking more lives.  Will Bloodshot be able to stop the nanites? What secrets will we discover with Project Bloodshot?  There are four different variants with this weeks book.
Deadpool #2:  He's rude, he's crude, but the rest of the World loves him.  I absolutely loved the first issue of this book and cannot wait for more.  Deadpool is one of my favorite comics and characters to read and I am stoked for this series and this weeks book.  With the movie coming out there will be some great Deadpool coming out and this series is the perfect addition to the movie coming out.  This series and issue is rated extreme so keep it away from your little ones.  There are four variants total for this book.

Extraordinary X-Men #2:  X-Men is one of my favorite comics to read and I absolutely loved the first addition of this book.  In this weeks issue, Storm pulls together the team that she needs to ensure that mankind has a chance of survival.  The X-Men are still struggling with the fact that they are hated and feared by everyone as well as facing other threats.  This weeks issue should be packed with tons of action.  This book comes in two different covers.

Mighty Thor #1:  There was so much hype about Thor being a woman and this series gives us a taste of that.  I would like to give this series a chance to see where it takes us.  In this issue Dr Jane Foster turns into the Goddess of Thunder she is now the mighty Thor.  She has several enemies and we get to see her many different battles.  Her biggest challenge will be battling the cancer that is eating at her mortal form.  Will she be able to survive the cancer?  What other enemies will we meet in this weeks issue?  What are your thoughts on Thor being a woman?  There are four different variants of this weeks issue.

Ms Marvel #1:  She is one of my favorite female superheros, she is one of the best female smack talking and efficient super heros in the Marvel universe.  It has been a while since I have read any Ms Marvel and I am pumped for this new series.  This week she will become a part of The Avengers and it should be an action packed issue for everyone to enjoy.  This book comes in four different variants so be sure to check them out.

Starlord #1:  Gurdians of the Galaxy has always been one of my personal favorites.  And I also have enjoyed the individual comics with these characters.  This is a brand new series and I can't wait to check it out.  In this weeks book, Starlord has always wanted to be an astronaut, and in this issue we get a little taste of that.  Starlord is hell bent on protecting his galaxy and will stop at nothing.

Star Wars #12:  I love reading Star Wars whether its comics or books, and this is a series that I have been thoroughly enjoying.  In this weeks issue we learn the truth about Sana Solo.  It is also the ultimate showdown on The Smuggler's Moon.  What will we find out about Sana Solo?  And what will happen on The Smuggler's Moon?  You can expect a lot of action in this weeks book as well as tons of Lightsabers.  If you love Lightsabers and action then this is the book to read this week.  There are three different covers with this weeks book.

Wayward #11:  I have enjoyed every book in this series and every time a book gets released I get pumped to read it.  In issue 11 of this book, the new gods are here in Japan and Tokyo and things in the World will never be the same.  Will the old myths suvive?  There are three total covers for this book and if you put them all together there is one massive illustration.

Kids pick of the week - Adventure Time with Fionna and Amp; Cake Card Wars #5:  I usually like to pick out a kids book that an adult will like as well.  And who doesn't love adventure time?  In this weeks issue we find out what happens when Cake makes it to the Floop Master.   Will Cake be able to defeat the Floop Master?  What will happen with Cake abandoning Sophia for so long?

Merchandise of the Week: Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood Statue:  Batman Statues have always been some of my favorites. This week the Batman Arkham Knight Redhood statue is absolutely stunning and I would love to pick this item up.  This beauty is priced at $124.99, if you want one grab them fast before they are sold out.

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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 2 Recap and Review

Last week was the season and show premiere and it couldn't have been any better.  After last weeks episode I couldn't wait for more.  Bruce Campbell does an incredible job with this show and every Saturday night this is what I look forward to.  This week we get a little scoop of Kelly and her family, and also get to see the characters develop closer relationships.

In last weeks episode we ended with Ash slicing the elderly woman's head off that had turned into a
demon. Ash then told Pablo and Kelly that they needed to get the book translated to save everyone. Kelly was only concerned about getting to her dad.  Ash then starts to set up his trailer when his store manager that had turned into a demon pops up but Pablo told Ash Kelly took off with the book and her motorcycle and took off to save her dad.  The demon then all of a sudden disappears, and then Ash and Pablo then start to chase her down in his car.  The two are talking while driving to go get the book and then the demon attacks them in the car.  Ash comes very close to getting bitten by the demon, but then finds a broken beer bottle and then stabs the ugly creature in the neck several times until it was dead.  Upon arrival to Kelly's home they charge in with broken beer bottles, and of course Ash's chainsaw.  Then her family is just sitting on the couch, and her mom claimed to have been living in a homeless shelter with amnesia after a car accident.  Ash didn't buy it for a second, and then demanded to have the book back.  The cop that encountered the Evil Dead the last episode was working on the trailer park that Ash lived in due to the police getting called with all the comotion. She thinks then that Ash is the cause of the Evil Dead, after the neighbor describes him.  Pablo then admits after they get back to the trailer then he took the book so Ash would help Kelly.  Ash was not happy, about that but then also said he thinks both of Kelly's parents are demons.  Pablo said that Kelly's parents seemed normal and then Ash told him that it works in a different way and they pretend to be normal until they can cause the most damage possible.  Ash and Pablo then go back to Kelly's for dinner, the dinner looked like pure blood then Kelly's mom looked like she was dripping blood from her mouth.  But it appeared that Ash was hallucinating or only he could see it. Things got more and more tense at the table and Ash then punched Kelly's mom,  And then everyone freaked out, and she turned into a demon.  She then stabbed Ash's dad in the face with a fork, and then Ash attached his chainsaw and then we get more chainsaw action. This one was quick and he kept missing then when he was loading his shot gun with ammo it she disappeared.  Then Kelly was upstairs, and her mom was telling her she was trying to fight it, and then she turned again.  Ash then killed her with his chainsaw after a little bit of a fight.  The episode ends with the group drinking out of a flask, then Ash told Pablo he was glad he took the book and got him to save Kelly.  Pablo then said she should come with them on their journey and she agreed to come.  The cop then shows up where the group is headed next, most likely to get Ash.  The police now think that Ash is the cause of this happening so he is wanted. Will the police be able to catch up with Ash, Kelly, and Pablo?

Overall I thought this was a great episode and I would rate it an 8 out of 10, I love this show and love watching Bruce Campbell tearing it up every Saturday night.  I also love Pablo and Kelly and think their characters will be a great addition to this story.  The only thing I would make different about this episode is to have a little more action.  I loved the episode but I the first one was even better with action scene after action scene.  When I think of Evil Dead I think of a lot of action and Bruce Campbell.  I felt like this episode was more about Kelly's parents with a few action scenes.  Regardless I am pumped for the rest of the season and tonights episode.  Check out the trailer for tonights episode!!!

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

New Photos Released for Star Wars: The Force Awakens


There were 22 new photos released today for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but please be aware that there could be a few photos that might be considered spoilers, so proceed at your own risk. There are ways of connecting the story line together by putting the photos together.  I do love how much coverage has been released but its almost getting to the point where I don't want to see much more due to the fact that I don't want every detail of the movie before I even see it.  Star Wars: The Force awakens will be released on December 17th, 2015 if you haven't picked up your tickets make sure to do so.  This movie broke the box office records almost two months before it was released.  Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for the photos.

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Entertainment Weekly:

Defining Supergirl: Kara fights for her own story

“Every woman worth her salt knows that we have to work twice as hard as a man to be thought of as half as good.” – Cat Grant, CATCO Media CEO.  If Week 2 displayed Supergirl overcoming early frustration as National City’s hero, the week 3 episode – “Fight or Flight” – saw her face one of her strongest fears, the loss of her own identity. The overarching narrative of the show is about a young woman vying for space in a universe dominated by male figures, most notably her cousin, Superman. It is a quest for recognition on her terms, to which Grant’s prescient Episode 2 quote alludes. Kara shoulders not only the onus to achieve greatness, but also the unique challenge of neither allowing her successes to be usurped nor her failures to be ascribed to causes beyond her control. As she tells Jimmy Olsen, “I will be defined by my victories and my losses.”

Week 3 teed up this dynamic early with Kara’s interview by Grant. Despite declarations that her
ascendance was “her story,” it is the slip of a familial link to Superman that becomes the news peg of the conversation. When asked a deliberately loaded question about starting a family, Supergirl indignantly responds that “nobody asks my cousin” about such an idea. The Super-connection instantly is the focus for everyone. With this anxiety in place over whether Kara can be her own person, the action begins.

The villain that Supergirl opposes is perfectly chosen for this undercurrent about identity. He is the mechanically-suited nuclear scientist, Reactron. A former engineer, maimed and widowed in a nuclear plant attack that Superman failed to prevent, he now intends to inflict the same pain by killing Superman’s cousin. With Kara struggling for her own distinction, what better nemesis exists than one who sees her as a tool for hurting another man? Nevertheless, Supergirl succeeds in their first battle, damaging Reactron’s suit and forcing his retreat.

Fully believing that she can develop a separate understanding with Reactron, Supergirl tracks him down and offers both a truce and support for the scarred scientist. Still, he remains blind to seeing her as anything other than a device for revenge. Having repaired his weaponized armor with the help of kidnapped corporate leader and genius, Maxwell Lord, Reactron subdues her in their second clash. On the cusp of his desired vengeance, Superman then swoops in and speeds Supergirl to safety.
When she regains consciousness, Kara suddenly meets the fear she’s carried since she started toward her destiny. She feels her own worth vanishing in the world’s eyes. Every public doubt about her being an equal hero is becoming validated. Compounding her humiliation was that her own friends tipped off Superman that her rematch might be too much. While Alex provides what reassurance she can, one final indignity remained for Kara: duty called as Cat 
Grant’s executive assistant. The CATCO gala celebrating the Supergirl interview that had diminished her was underway.

Her work as Kara Danvers, though, would not last long. Hungry for final victory, Reactron crashes the party in hopes of drawing Supergirl out. In the final decisive meeting, Supergirl wins in a knockout and regains control of her narrative. Below are my takeaways.

Superlative: The writers of Supergirl are clearly still having fun by taking age-old tropes and reversing who gets stuck with them. The best example is Kara’s co-worker, Winn Schott. A typical (and tired) role for women is the Unrequited Tragic Maiden. Their defining characteristic is that they can never obtain the love that would complete them. Delightfully, in Supergirl, this role falls to Winn. From his rejection for a date with Kara in the series pilot, to his organizing of the crime-fighting lab to impress her, Winn’s motivations are never for his own advancement. The writers further accelerated their fun this week by adding an overtly “catty” moment between Winn and Jimmy Olsen as they stepped on each other’s sentences and dismissed each other’s contributions in helping Kara track down Reactron’s hideout. Winn even suffered a moment where he fell to the ground as a pillar was crashing toward him…only to have Supergirl come to his rescue. Watching these cliché reversals take place has been some of the smartest and most consistent fun of the season.

Another credit goes to Supergirl’s writers and to actress Chyler Leigh for finding a purposeful role for Alex Danvers, Kara’s older stepsister.  In the first two episodes, her character vacillated awkwardly between austerity and sympathy toward her younger sister. This week, she found a consistent voice by being the mentoring presence that Kara as a twenty-something still needs. Initially, Jimmy Olsen appeared to get this role, but having it go to Alex was a welcome change.

Villainous: Providing an actual role for Superman within this episode felt like touching a third rail.  If his blurry image continues reappearing, he becomes a running gag and a distraction from Supergirl’s evolution.  Yet, portions of the audience will crave to know whether he cares to maintain a connection to his only family on Earth. In the end (despite my placing this creative decision under Villainous), his presence in “Fight or Flight” works because his arrival forces Kara to confront the visceral insecurity she’s felt from the beginning. Kara must learn that losing a fight only deprives her of her agency if she lets it. As Alex rightly points out, “Your story is only starting.” With season 1 being an arc about how Supergirl fulfills her potential, this limited use of Superman seems right.

Bizarro (my own strange musings): “Someday, you’re gonna be the one saving him.” Without a doubt, my eyes widened at this line from Alex during her pep talk with Kara. I can see two possible interpretations for its use, which must be more than simple throw-away dialogue.

1)      The season finale, and Supergirl’s evolutionary arc, will be punctuated by a rescue of the Man of Steel! Or…
2)      The line is actually a poignant reference to the 1985 comic series Crisis on Infinite Earths. In the famous DC storyline, Supergirl gave her life to save Superman and defeat the evil Anti-Monitor.

“Fight or Flight” is clearly a critical piece for the maturation of Supergirl. It also provides an allegory for the pressures women face as they strive to succeed in historically male roles. Through these initial stories as well as the actor’s strong performances, Melissa Benoist has clearly made Supergirl a compelling figure. Trepidation lies ahead, though, as the arrival of Lucy Lane (younger sister to Lois) seems to herald a diversion into love triangles. For me, I’m more interested in the professional triangle between Kara, Alex and DEO Director Hank Henshaw, who may prove to be more foe than friend.

Written by : Joseph Money

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Walking Dead Cast Announcement: Negan is coming

Walking Dead comic book fans have been pumped for months to see the most evil villain in the comics be casted, Negan and even more for this character to come stir up some tumoil.  This morning they announced who is taking on that role. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is being cast as Negan.  If you are not familiar with his work he is in The Goodwife and The Watchmen.  Morgan will appear at the end of this season.  I can't wait to see Morgan play this role and see where he takes this character, but most of all I can't wait for Negan to come stir up some turmoil.  What do you think of this casting choice? Stay tuned for more Walking Dead news updates....

Written by: Gina at Geeking 4 Everyone

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ash Vs Evil Dead: Recap and Review, Season 1 Episode 1

Evil Dead is one of my favorite movie series, and I have been pumped for this show for a long time.  Who wouldn't be pumped for Bruce Campbell back in action in one of our favorite horror series?  This episode was absolutely incredible, and it was great to see Campbell back in action as well as some great, and cheesy horror action Evil Dead style.

I couldn't wait to see Bruce Campbell in action again, and in the beginning of the episode we see
some classic Ash as he walks into a bar, gets a drink and gets laid within a few minutes of walking in the bar.  When he picks up a girl at the bar they have sex in the bathroom and then she appears to turn into a demon.  It could have been Ash's imagination, or it could have also been a message being sent.  He then gets home and decides to leave town after The Necronomican had looked to have been messed with by having a bag of joints in them. We then see a scene with a few cops and some demons, and one of them survived and one of them didn't.  I have a feeling the woman police officer that survived will end up being a huge part of the story line and will meet up with Ash at some point.  Ash goes to work hoping to be able to leave town right away, and his boss won't let him leave with his check until he works the whole day at work. Then we meet Pablo and his hot new friend that started working there that day.  Pablo is Ash's work buddy and we see a lot of him.  You can tell throughout the episode that he looks up to Ash a lot.  When Ash is in the back he gets attacked by a doll that had turned into a demon, and then Pablo saves him.  Ash then takes us back and gives us and Pablo a recap of the whole Evil Dead story.  The new girl then is on skype with her dad and sees her dead mom come in the house as a demon.  She is freaked out then her and Pablo leave.  They meet up with Ash who is getting his trailer attacked by demons.  And we get to see Ash in action with his chainsaw the group then fights together and by the end of the show is safe for a few minutes.

The Marvelous
This show couldn't have picked up more perfect.  We see some classic Ash and Evil Dead to fulfill every craving we have for this show.  It was also nice for people who haven't watched Evil Dead  to get a recap of what they are in for and a little understanding of the Evil Dead Story.  Bruce Campbell is just as good as he was years ago and it was great to see one of my favorite actors back in action.  I also loved Pablos character and think that as a team they will do some great ass kicking together.

The Ugly
I don't have many complaints on this episode.  The buildup and the expectation for this show was set so high and it fulfilled any expectation that I had.  My only complaint would be that I wish the show was a little longer, 40 minutes doesn't seem like enough time to enjoy Bruce Campbell and some of my favorite horror.

I rate this episode a 10 out of 10 I don't think they could have made it any better it was absolutely phenomenal.  I can't wait to see what the rest of this series brings to us, make sure to check out the trailer for tonight's episode.

Written by: Gina at Geeking 4 Everyone