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Geek News: Star Wars Episode VII Cast announcements #1

Fans across the globe are pumped to see the new movie, Star Wars Episode VII.  It was announced last week that our favorite robot, R2D2 will be cast in this film.  There are also a few other cast possibilities that would excite fans everywhere if they became cast members.  We can't wait to see what the future guest announcements are for the new movie. 

Having our favorite robot in the new movie is very exciting, but Jedis and Siths everywhere have been wondering who they will cast in the new movie.  It was announced last week that Matt Smith and Jason Flemyng are both cast possibilities for the new movie.  I don't know about everyone else, but having The Doctor in the new Star Wars Episode VII movie is beyond exciting.  Geeks everywhere were sad to see Matt Smith go and are anxious to see him in another geeky role.  If Matt Smith ends up being part of the cast, we feel he will do an excellent job no matter what that role is.  Jason Flemyng was also announced as a possible cast member and you may have enjoyed his work in X-Men First Class.  He has also been in several other movies such as Snatch, and Two Smoking Barrels.  He has also made several appearances in several different television shows.  It seem as though Abrams is shooting for some very high quality actors and if this is the path that is being taken with the actors, then we are pleased.  And we hope that Matt and Jason are officially added as cast for Star Wars Episode VII.  If Matt is not part of this new movie we hope to see him in some sort of exiting geeky role soon.  Don't forget to join us for The Star Wars Celebration in 2015 just shortly before the movie is released.  Tickets are going fast so make sure you get them soon.  

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Geek News: Star Wars episode VII Millennium Falcon

Star Wars fans across the globe are getting pumped for the new movie, Star Wars Episode VII. Rumors were floating around for quite some time that J.J. Abrams was going to be having a full scale Millenium Falcon build for the new Star Wars movie to be released in 2015.  Well, as it turns out these rumors are actually true and according to several sources The Millennium Falcon made for the movie is completed inside and out.

When we heard that the rumors we had been hearing were true we were very excited and could not wait.  The inside and the outside of the Millennium is finished after only a year, and the production progress so far for this movie is absolutely amazing.  In just under a year To have something like this build for a movie is incredible, and hopefully this will be something that will end up in Museum once the movie is done so fans everywhere can enjoy this full scale model of The Falcon. We are pumped for the new movie and can't wait to hear more news, let alone see the new movie in 2015.  Please let us know what you think of the new Falcon and any comments you have about the new movie.  Hopefully we will have more news to deliver soon on the new movie, and we can't wait.  Don't forget to join us for the Star Wars celebration in 2015 just shortly before the new movie is released.  Buy your tickets fast because they will be selling out soon. 

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Geeking 4 Everyone's weekly top comic picks (11-27-13)

Every week we like to give our fans the top ten books we recommend and plan on buying each week.  We also like to give one kids recommendation in addition to our top ten. These weekly blogs do not include any spoilers just a summary of the book usually provided by the comic book distributor.  We also release comic book reviews every Wednesday that do include reviews with spoilers. Keep in mind the covers we provide are our preference so it may not be available or you may prefer a different cover.  Make sure to go to the comic distributors for information on every variant released for the books.  Over the next few months, there are some amazing titles and new series released to celebrate several anniversaries and we cannot wait.  This week there are also some great anniversary books to celebrate with. There are so many books this week coming out that we have been waiting for a a long time and we are more pumped than ever for this weeks books.  Here's our top ten for the week:

Batman The Dark Knight #23:  Picking up a new Batman book and especially The Dark Knight Series is always exciting for us.  Clayface is one of Batman's biggest enemies and this week we will see tons of action with Batman and Clayface.  Batman is a little in over his head this week and has to call in for some backup with Clayface on the loose.  You can expect to see Black Canary and Condor in this weeks book.  Do you think Batman will be able to catch Clayface with the help of his friends?  

Danger Girl The Chase #3:  We fell in love with Danger Girl when J. Scott Campbell was the mastermind behind the series.  And we can't say that we love it as much, but we are enjoying this series so far and we have enjoyed the excitement and action packed in this series.  This week, The Chase continues as the girls go from really fast to extreme rapid speed.  With their very important mission they start racing from Country to Country to try and save the World.  There is only one more book left in this series so you can expect this book to be packed with excitement for an epic ending in next weeks book.  Will the girls be able to save the World?  What are your predictions?

Doctor Who Vol. 3 #15:  After the 50th anniversary comic book celebration that ended last week, and the anniversary special that aired we are pumped for more Doctor Who this week.  It is Deadman's Hand part 3 of 4 and this weeks book has tons of excitement.  The Doctor and Oscar Wilde are on a hunt to change an aliens evil plan.  While they are busy with the Alien, Clara and Calamity Jane are on a hunt to find Wild Bill to find out about his return.  Will The Doctor and Oscar Wilde be able to stop the alien?  What will we find out about Wild Bill? 

Infinity #6:  This is the last book in this series and we are excited to see what the outcome will be, but we are sad to see this series ending.  The cover that chosen is a variant cover and there are several so make sure to check them all out before placing your order. This was definitely one of our favorite series over the summer.  Its the heroes of the Earth against Thanos and you can expect an epic battle.  Who do you think will win the battle?  Do you think there will be any casualties since this is the last book?  

Kids Choice: Sonic Universe #58:  Everyone loves Sonic and with this being a popular series this is our kids choice for the week.  One thing I love about comics is even the kids books some adults enjoy also.  This book seems to be popular with the wee ones and the adults.  The cover we have shown is a variant cover and your kids will love the art and story line in this book.  There is tons of battles at sea in this weeks book with Sonic and his friends to keep your child interested along with the amazing art.

Star Wars Legacy II: Prisoner of the Floating World #9:  Star Wars has always been one of our favorite novels and comic book series and we always enjoy picking up a new book.  We have picked up every book in this series and we are continuing on with our collection this week.  In this weeks book, Ania Solo is in over her head when her pod gets stuck in an Ocean full of poison.  Imperial Knight Jaio is with her and they are waiting to be rescued.  If that's not enough excitement for you then they also get in trouble with some pirates along the way.  You can expect lots of action and suspense in this weeks book.  Will Ania and Jaio get rescued or are they doomed with the pirates and Ocean of poison?

Superior Spiderman #22:  We have been enjoying this series and this week there will be tons of excitement.  The variant cover we have shown is done by one of our favorite artists, J. Scott Campbell.  This issue is also the first issue of The Darkest Hour and its the Spidey event of the year.   Venom (Flash Thompson) is back in town and has his first meet up with Superior Spiderman.  How will their meeting end up?  Will Flash find something unsettling about Peter Parke's new look?

Superman #25:  Every month when a Superman book is released we try and pick up a new book.  This week, Krypton returns and you can expect tons of action.  Superman finds himself locked in combat and must try and find a way to save the planet.  He will also encounter other enemies along the way and if that is not enough action for you there is a hero that departs the Kryptonite World.  Will Superman be able to save everyone or is there too many enemies?  Which Hero do you think will fall this week? 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #28:  We have always loved Ninja Turtles and especially when it involves Kevin Eastman.  The cover we have shown is the Kevin Eastman variant.  This week seems to be a great week for Eastman's books.  This week, the conclusion to city fall is here and Shredder is more determined than ever to reek as much havoc as possible.  He is concentrating on ruling the gutters of New York City, and it will be harder than ever for the brothers to stop him.  Will the Turtles be able to stop Shredder before he has caused too much damage? 

Walking Dead #117:  This is one series that we cannot wait for the next book to come out.  We feel waiting for the comic books is just as hard as waiting for the show.  To celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Walking Dead Kirkman made a series of twelve anniversary books from #115-#126.  The #115 was the rarest book of them all and if you were lucky you were able to get at least one of the fourteen variants released for this book.  We were able to pick up all fourteen variants from Mile High Comics' Walking Dead party and a few others free in giveaways.  We also picked up the last book released on the 13th of November, The Walking Dead #116.  This week we are reviewing both so make sure you catch our reviews.  We are pumped for The Walking Dead #117 and cannot wait to see where ALL OUT WAR takes us this week.  There will be tons of excitement in this weeks book when Ezekeil must survive on his own following the after effects at the battle of the sanctuary. What do you think will happen?  Will Ezekeil be able to survive?


Zombie War #2:  This was a short series and this is the only second and last book of this series but we really enjoyed the first book to this series.  There is so much zombie excitement going on in this series so if you love zombies this is just the book for you.  TMNT genius Kevin Eastman is the writer on this book and one of our favorite artists, Eric Talbot also worked on this book.  In the final book, there is a mysterious comet and all the dead military soldiers are headed at full force through the zombie apocolypse to destroy the World.  There is so much excitement going on in this book and some amazing art and writing. 

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Geek News: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailers and Mini Episode

Whovians all over the World are getting ready for the biggest Doctor Who special that has been aired yet.  The special is getting aired across the World and fans everywhere will be celebrating in their own way.  There have been several different trailers and mini episodes that we have included for your enjoyment, before one of the biggest geek TV events goes down in history.  The special will be aired on BBC this evening at Central time.  Don't have cable or BBC?  Don't worry!!!  You have two other options one is watching it on NBC tomorrow morning or tomorrow evening at.  The other option is to go see it at the movie theaters on Monday night November 25th.  The special will also be available in 3D.  If you are out of the country please check your local listings since it will be aired worldwide.  So many different places are celebrating in their own way.  Google made an 8 bit video game on the home screen and if you have not checked it out yet make sure you do.  Cosplayers across the World are dressing up for this big event and having Doctor Who themed parties.    How are you celebrating this weekend?

Fans everywhere were pumped when the Doctor Who trailers were released.  Here are some of the incredible trailers that left us all wondering and curious.  .

This was the first trailer that was released there was also a second trailer released that got fans even more pumped for the special.

BBC One also did a mini episode that we have also included for your enjoyment.  Make sure to stay tuned to BBC One to get more updates on the anniversary and videos.

Just like all Whovians across the globe we are pumped for this special and we can't wait to see what BBC has in store for us.  We can't wait to see Matt Smith and David Tennant in action together.  Let us know what you think of the 50th anniversary and if it met your expectations.  Don't forget we are having a contest.  Send us your best Doctor Who celebratory photos, this can be party photos, costumes, or whatever creative idea you come up with to celebrate.  As usual, the fans will pick the winner.  And the winner will receive a $20 visa gift card.  Stay tuned for more coverage on one of the biggest geek out moments in history. 

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Geeking 4 Everyone's Weekly Top Comic Picks (11-20-13)

Every week we like to give our fans the top ten books we recommend and plan on buying every week.  We also like to give one kids recommendation.  These weekly blogs do not include any spoilers just a summary of the book usually provided by the comic book distributor.  We also release comic book reviews every Wednesday that do include reviews with spoilers. Keep in mind the covers we provide are our preference so it may not be available or you may prefer a different cover.  Make sure to go to the comic distributors for information on every variant released for the books.  Over the next few months there are some amazing titles and new series released to celebrate several anniversaries and we cannot wait.  This week there are also some great anniversary books to celebrate with. There are so many books this week coming out that we have been waiting for a a long time and we are more pumped than ever for this weeks books.  Here's our top ten for the week:

Avengers #23:  This is one series we have been enjoying and purchased every book since the beginning.  This week its going to get intense when the battle of the Earth moves planet side.   Its the Avengers vs the black order and Thanos takes center stage.  Who do you think will win the battle?  You can expect tons of excitement in this weeks book. 

Batman 66 #5:  Batman and Robin are under a spell by The Sandman.  Will they be able to wake up before Gotham gets in too much trouble?  We have been enjoying this series and have picked up every book so far and look forward to a new one when it comes out.  This book is illustrated by Eisner winner Colleen Coover and there is also a variant available for this book done by Dave Johnson.  There will be some great art in this book this week so don't miss out.

Batman and Two Face #25:  This has always been a great villain book for Batman readers.  It is filled with excitement and we have never been disappointed with the action and story line in this comic.  We also enjoyed when DC did Two Face for villains month in September.  In this weeks book, Two Face is still on a path of destruction and he can't wait to cause more turmoil in Gotham.  It is up to Commissioner Gordon and Carrie Kelly to help Batman and Gotham.  Who is Carrie Kelly and how can she help Commissioner Gordon and Batman?  Will they be able to help Batman and Gotham before its too late? 

Cable and X-Force #16:  This has always been one of our favorites and you can expect lots of revelations in this weeks book.  After the battle with the Uncanny Avengers and X-Force, Cable's abilities have been transformed and weakened.  What will happen when a new enemy comes in contact with him?  Will he be able to fight off the enemy with his powers altered? 

Bloodshoot & Hard Corps #16:  We have always enjoyed the Bloodshot Comic book series by Valiant.  We are never let down and the series is always packed with action and surprises.  This week, Bloodshot is exhausted and weak and he and Charlie are fighting.  The rest of the group is not much stronger than Charlie is, and H.A.R.D. Corps has experienced their first big casualty.  They are weaker than ever and they are about to take on Harada.  They are weaker than ever and they are about to go on one of the deadliest missions yet.  Will they be able to get their strength back in time to fight Sarada?  Will They be able to fight Harada and win?

Doctor Who Prisoners of Time #12:  It is the last book in the year long celebratory Doctor Who 50th Anniversary series.  We are sad to see this series go and don't want it to come to an end but we are also excited to see what happens in the last book.  The last book is the book that we have all been waiting for in this epic anniversary series.  We have loved every single book in this series and cannot wait to pick up the last book in this series.  In the last book of this series, all eleven doctors must team up and defeat the most unlikely and powerful ally.  We have a feeling this last book will very closely follow the 50th Anniversary special being aired this Saturday evening.  Make sure you stay tuned to our Facebook page for all the geek news and blogs before the event on Saturday. 

Kids Pick: Ben 10 #1:  There are quite a few kids books this month that your little ones would love.  Our little one has been pumped for this new Ben 10 series.   We were able to get him some of these books on FCBD and also Halloween Comicfest.  He loved them both and couldn't wait for more.  We love Ben 10 as parents because there is always something educational and its a great story line.  Ben 10 is one of the most watched cartoons right now and its great for kids to get the same joy from reading as from television.  We feel this book would be great for boys and girls because both the male and female characters in this book are pretty exciting.  In this weeks book,  Ben and his team mates go on a cruise vacation only to find out it might not be so relaxing when they encounter a serpent that is not so friendly.  There is also a new Adventure Time this week if your kids are not wild about Ben 10.  You would be great getting either one, or both.

Uncanny X-Men #14:  We have always loved X-Men and especially the Uncanny X-Men series.  We try to pick up at least 3-4 X-Men books every month to add to our collection.  This week, Magneto sets out on an objective that puts the X-Men and the Marvel universe on edge.  Also we will find out how the new Xavier School has changed. What do you think Magneto is planning?  Do you think the X-Men will be able to stop Magneto before its too late?  How do you think the school has changed?

X-O Manowar:  We are very excited for what Valiant has in store for us this week with X-O Manowar.  If you love Unity and Eternal Warrior you will get a taste of a little bit of everything.  After reading last weeks Unity we are pumped with this book.  In last weeks Unity the mission was to take down X-O Manowar so if you picked that book up last week then you should get this book.  We have a feeling the two go great together and the Unity #1 from last week ties into X-O Manowar this week. In this weeks book, X-O Manowar goes up against Unity, and it is the most intense and difficult battle that he will have yet.  You will also get to see appearances from Harada, Ninjak, Eternal Warrior and Livewire in one of the deadliest battles yet. 

Zero #3:  We have loved this new series ever since it came out and we look forward to a new book every time its released.  Its circa 2019 and Edward Zero looks into a mirror and does not like what he sees in the mirror.  What do you think Edward sees in the Mirror and what revelations will be made?  What other problems do you think Edward will run into?  What else will he find in the future?

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Denver Comic Con 2014: First Guest Announcement

Since last year's Denver Comic Con ended we have all been anticipating next years con.  Since the first year of Denver Comic Con we have seen this con grow like nothing we have ever seen before.  The first year DCC brought a total of 27,000 guests, and the second year there were over 60,000 guests placing DCC the 5th most populated con in the country.  This is amazing that this con has come this far in only two years.  We continue to watch this con grow in a town that we have grown up in and grown to love. We can't wait for many more years to come of one of the best cons we have ever experienced.

Upon receiving the newsletter today there were many guest announcements revealed that we know many of you will be excited for.  We were very pleased with the actors that were announced today. The first thing that we were pumped to hear is when DCC announced that Michael Rooker would be at Denver Comic Con next year.  We are stoked to see Michael Rooker and attend his panels.  His compelling work in The Walking Dead made fans everywhere fall in love with him.  Power Rangers fans, there are two guests this year that have been added that we are sure you will be excited for.  Walter Jones and David Yost will be coming to next years con, so if you are a fans of the Black and Blue rangers you can look forward to seeing them at next years event.  Trekkie fans, Walter Koenig is also coming to next years event.  He is known for his work in the Original Star Trek series in 1966, and he has also been in several Star Trek films.  He also is doing voice work in the new Star Trek video game. 

The next guest announced today was Mark Brooks.  If you don't know who Brooks is he is famous for his many works with Marvel Comics.  Mark has illustrated: The Avengers, Deadpool, The Amazing Spiderman, Heros Welcome, The Defenfers, and The X Men Legacy.  Marks work is astounding and we can't wait to see him at next years event.  Mark is an amazing artist and we cannot wait to have him sign our books, and to hear his wise input on being a future artist.  If you have not picked up any of his work I recommend doing so, its nothing short but amazing.  Having Mark is an excellent addition to next years Denver Comic Con.  Another artist that is coming that you might be excited for is Colleen Doran.  She is known for her art in several science and fantasy comic books.  She did work on Elfman, Sandman, and a distant soil.  Right now Colleen is currently working on The Vampire Diaries for DC Comics.  Denver Comic Con of course did not leave out any writers an editors in this amazing guest list released today.  They also announced that they would be having Peter Tomasi.  If you don't know Peter's work he is most known for his writing in Batman and Robin and Green Lantern.  You will know him for his famous editing in The Justice League.  We can't wait to meet Peter and hear about his knowledge in writing and editing several major comic book series. 

The last thing that Denver Comic Con announced in their newsletter is something we have all been
anticipating since the last con, price and availability on tickets. They announced that tickets will go on sale on Cyber Monday December 2nd.  Three Day passes are $50 a person and kids are $10 for 12 and under.  You can also purchase Speed passes at $150 per person.  Speed passes will grant you quicker access to the activities and panels. Because of the amount of people at Denver Comic Con every year we highly recommend getting the Speed Passes.  If you don't there is no way to guarantee that you will see a guest or be able to participate in an activity.  Last year we all learned how devastating it can be to wait to buy tickets.  Don't wait until last minute.  And also keep in mind that pricing on tickets goes up closer to the events so purchasing them now is the best way to avoid paying more for tickets.  Don't wait until last minute and get your tickets on Cyber Monday. 

We are looking forward to more guest announcements and of course, Denver Comic Con 2014.  Please join us for next years event, whether you are in state or out of state.  Make sure you are signed up for Denver Comic Con's newsletter to get all the updates on guests and attractions at next years event.  Waiting last minute is a guranteed way to not get into the event as many people experienced last year. Don't forget all the proceeds from Denver Comic Con go to Comic Book Classroom, a literacy program for Children.  Why not put your money towards a good cause and have a great time while doing it?  Don't miss next years Denver Comic Con!!! 

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Geeking 4 Everyone's Top Comic Picks of the week (11-13-13)

Every week we like to give our fans the top ten books we recommend and plan on buying every week.  We also like to give one kids recommendation, and a collectors item.  These weekly blogs do not include any spoilers just a summary of the book usually provided by the comic book distributor.  We also release comic book reviews every Wednesday that do include reviews with spoilers. Keep in mind the covers we provide are our preference so it may not be available or you may prefer a different cover.  Make sure to go to the comic distributors for information on every variant released for the books.  Over the next few months there are some amazing titles and new series released to celebrate several anniversaries and we cannot wait.  This week there are also some great anniversary books to celebrate with. There are so many books this week coming out that we have been waiting for a a long time and we are more pumped than ever for this weeks books.  Here's our top ten for the week:

Deadpool #19:  We have collected every book in this series and its the final chapter of the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. We have always been huge Deadpool fans so when a new book comes out we try and pick it up.  We haven't been huge on the Deadpool vs Deadpool series so we get extra excited when there is just a traditional Deadpool coming out.  The cover we have shown you is the only cover out for this week there are no variants available yet for this book. You can expect the classic Deadpool action and humor in this weeks book. 

Doctor Who Prisoners of time #11:  This series was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.  Lately, this has been one of our favorites and we can't wait to read this weeks books.  There is so much excitement going on in this series its almost impossible to wait for the next book to come out.  In this weeks book, the Eleventh Doctor joins in and you can expect this to be one of the best books in this anniversary series yet.  Now that the Doctor has found out who his latest enemy is and he must track him down through time for a final showdown.  This is one of those series for us that we don't want to end but we also can't wait for the last two books to come out.  We can't wait for the final two books and the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. 

Kids Pick: Adventure Time Candy Capers #5:  Adventure time is always a great option for the little ones.  Not only will your little ones enjoy what they are reading, but they will also learn an important lesson in just about every book.  Sometimes there are math lessons, science, and all kinds of daily lessons that your kids can relate to real life with some of their favorite characters.   Adventure time is also a cartoon series on TV so your kids will also reading about one of their favorite cartoons.  Our little one especially enjoyed the candy capers over the Halloween holiday.  This week, there are a wide variety of silly team ups that will get your child's laughter going, and also teaches a lesson about telling the truth and being honest.  There is only one more book in this series but there is a lot of Adventure Time released every month in different series.  Tons of adults love this series and we enjoy reading Adventure Time, and especially with our little ones.

Star Wars #11:  We always have loved Star Wars comics and novels.  The character development is and the plot lines go into so much more detail than the movies.  In this weeks book Princess Leia and her group is together again just in time to defend themselves from one of the most dangerous battles yet.  They will be fighting for their lives in this weeks book and you can expect lots of excitement.   Meanwhile the Star Destroyer attacks the rebels.  Darth Vaders main agent realizes what it could mean for him if he fails one of the darkest villains in space.  And on Coruscant Han Solo's luck couldn't get any worse.  You can expect an awesome issue packed with lots of action.

Superman Wonderwoman #2:  This is a brand new series and we just picked up the first book from Mile High Comics when they were giving them away for free.  We are enjoying this series so far and looking forward to another book.  In this weeks book, Diana goes to her brother for assisting with some weapons, but then she gets a more important threat that needs to be taken care of from Apollo and the other gods.  They do not approve of Superman and so he must prove himself in a battle.  Will Superman be able to prove himself? There were so many great covers from several different great artists and it made it hard to choose so we just picked one.  The Black and White is also an amazing cover so be sure to check out all the variants for this  book.

Marvel Knights X-Men #1:  We are picking up a lot of X-Men books with the 50th Anniversary coming up soon.  Our way of celebrating is loading up on tons of comics and also picking up the new X-Men series that Marvel has out.  Please make sure to also pick up the X-Men Gold #1 this week.  There are a total of five books in this series and we plan to pick up every one.  This series is the darker of most X-Men series we have seen.  This book is all about what happens when your past comes back to haunt you and possibly kill you.  This is definitely a more adult book and more on the darker side of things.  Kitty, Rogue, and Wolverine are out on a mission to protect some new mutants.  But their help may not be welcomed, will they run into too much trouble?  Or will they be able to help the mutants and get out safely? 

Thor God of Thunder #15:  Everyone is a little pumped up for Thor with the new movie coming out and we are picking up a few different Thor books this week for free from Mile High Comics for placing an online order.  These freebies are something you do not want to miss, plus 60% off back issues.  Make sure to place your order quick before they are all gone. We have always enjoyed this series and have been especially pumped just like everyone else for the new movie.  In this weeks book, the hunt for Malekith the Accursed continues from the Thor God of Thunder #14.  Thor is chasing the Dark Elf through the nine realms.  Will he be able to find him?  Will this mean war?

Unity #1:  We have always loved Matt Kindt and we are excited for his work on Unity. We feel like it has been ages since any of these books have been released.   This story is about Toyo Harada who is the World's most dangerous man has developed some type of fear.  There is a new threat and Tony decides to make deadliest and most intense team yet, called Unity.  Unity's first objective is to take out one of the most powerful enemies yet, Kill X-O Manowar.  Not only is this book going to be exciting, but some of our favorites are working on this book.  Not only is Matt Kindt writing this book, but Neal Adams and other great artists will working on this series. We cannot wait for a groundbreaking series from some of our favorite writers and artists.  The cover we included was is the Neal Adams variant and unfortunately they are completely sold out.  This Neal Adams Black and White variant is going for a minimum of $250 on ebay. 

Walking Dead #116:  We have been so pumped for this book ever since the first one came out about a month ago.  When the #115 was released it was sold out at least a week in advance.  With much appreciation to Mile High Comics we were able to get all 14 variants for the #115.  There are a series of ten book in this series going from #115-#126 to celebrate The Walking Dead's 50th anniversary.  We absolutely loved the first book and we have been aniticipating the next book for over a month.  The art was amazing in the last book and we cannot wait to read and see another amazing comics.  Please don't miss our review this week for The Walking Dead #115.  This week, All Out War continues and its time for a head to head battle.  Who do you think will win?  You can look forward to the Walking Dead #117 coming out on the 27th of November.

X-Men Gold #1:  Its time to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the X-Men, and to start off the celebration Marvel is bringing us this incredible new X-Men series.  One of our favorites, Chris Claremont and Bob McLoed are working together on this epic new story including Colossus, Cyclops, Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, Rogue and Wolverine.  We always get pumped for X-Men but we are especially pumped for this series.  Chris Claremont is one of our favorites and we had the pleasure of meeting him last Free Comic Book Day at Mile High Comics when they were featuring him as a guest.  It was such an honor to meet him and we have always been such a huge fan of his work. There is also some great creators working on this series including but not limited to Stan Lee, Walter Simonson, Louise Simonson, and Fabian Nicieza.  This is a do not miss and will be a great collectors item one day.  If we had to choose one book to get this week then this would be it.  But luckily this week we are picking up all of our recommendations.  Having Claremont and Lee on this book together (and many other original X-Men artists) is really the only way to properly celebrate the 50th anniversary of X-Men.

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Review: The Walking Dead Episode 404, Indifference

This season of The Walking Dead has been one of the most compelling seasons yet.  From shocking secrets to scenes packed with action it has been one that we have thoroughly enjoyed.  One of the things we love about The Walking Dead is how much it relates to real life, even when you may not realize it.  The zombies are a metaphor for everything that is evil in our lives, and the turmoil is all of our problems that surround the evil.  We love it when a show relates to real lessons in life and the lesson this season has been that you have to pick up the pieces no matter what happens in your life and eventually move on.  We also love how the show gives you the choice to end certain aspects of the story based on what you think the outcome is. We especially feel that this weeks episode was compelling in the aspect of real life problems, letting things go, and moving on.

Starting off the episode Rick was taping up his hand from his fight with Tyreese.  Most of the episode involved Rick and Carol going on a mission to go to some homes to look for some over the counter medicines to relieve some pain for some of the sick people.  Rick and Carol ran into a couple in one of the homes.  They split up with the couple to find food and supplies and then arranged to meet back up later in the day.  The guy never returned and the woman had become a new meal for the street zombies.  Meanwhile Tyrese, Michonne, Daryl, and Bob were still on their hunt to the animal hospital.  They were out of a vehicle so they had to get a new one.  They came across a gas station that had a van but all of it was covered in vines.  Tyreese just started hacking through the vines violently and Daryl told him to stop just in case there was a zombie or two in the vines.  Tyreese of course did not listen and a few zombies popped out.  Tyreese was the only one that would not let go of the zombie trying to attack him or kill the zombie.  The rest of the group had long killed off their zombies while Tyreese is practically having a wrestling match when he could have easily killed the zombie right away.  He eventually let go and the group was able to get in the van to head to the animal hospital.  Once inside the rest of the group goes and stuffs their bags with medicines.  As they left the group ran into a group of zombies and were able to barely escape and get on the roof after taking out a few along the way. Once fighting off the zombies the group was able to get on the roof and Bobs bag slipped into the zombies, and then he fought for everything he had to get the bag and he pulled hard then freed the bag from the zombies. The bag flew open at the rooftop and instead of medicine flying out a bottle of liquor flew out.  Bob was there with the group to help them get the medicines because he was a medic, and this was the second time he put the group at risk looking for liquor.  Daryl was of course fumed and was about to throw the bottle off the roof and Bob reached for his gun.  Bob and Daryl had it out back and forth with words and we thought he may have been banished but it looks like Daryl is giving him another chance.  The group headed off and it was time to head back to the prison, let's hope they don't run into more complications along the way. The show only glanced in on the other group at the veterinarian hospital for a short time then it was back to Rick and Carol.  Back at the house where Rick and Carol were they kept continuing on with their very deep conversations.  Throughout the episode Carol kept pushing Rick to talk about the people she had killed, and he didn't want to seem to talk about it until the very end.  Then at the end of the show the most shocking thing happened that we don't think anyone was expecting and that was when Rick decided to ban Carol from the group for good.  At this point it wasn't about how long Carol had been with them or how much she had done to help others out.  It was the fact that she killed two people and what it really boiled down to was the fact that Rick could no longer trust her around his children.  He said that she had changed and she wasn't the same innocent Carol that she was in the beginning.  Rick also made a very good point that Tyreese would have killed Carol the moment he found out.  Carol told Rick it could be their secret but Rick knew it was a secret that he could not keep for long.  Carol also wanted to come back and at least bring the girls with her.  Rick explained to her a life on the road is no life for those girls.  Carol also gave Rick the watch that Ed gave her and said she didn't want it anymore.  Rick loaded Carol up with supplies and send her on her way and after they parted ways this was the end to a groundbreaking episode. 

This weeks episode was exciting, thrilling, and shocking.  We weren't totally shocked last week when Carol announced that she killed Karen and David.  However, we were in total shock when Rick banished Carol from the group and send her on her way.  Many people think that Carol did what she needed to do because no one else would step up.  Carol accused Rick of doing the same thing with Shane, and to us it wasn't the same because Shane was trying to kill Rick.  Carol gave Tyreese and Karen her word that Karen would be safe and then she decides to kill her and David before the sickness even set in. Rick made the point that Carol was not the same person that she was in the beginning and we agree.  It was getting to the point where Rick could not trust Carol around the group and definitely not around his kids.  Carol had changed, and not for the better she was starting to get an evil side, and she was also taking away rights that people had.  She was taking away the parents rights to choose if they wanted their kids to have weapons, she was making decisions without the group, and she was even ending lives.  Even Carl felt uneasy about her teaching the kids about the weapons, and we all know Carl is all about the weapons.  We even think Carl was starting to become a little fearful about what Carol may do next.  Their World is based around trust, and if you can't trust someone then you trust them around your loved ones.  The group has enough to worry about without having to be concerned about trust.  Let's say what Carol did wasn't wrong, Rick is right either the group would have wanted her banished or Tyreese would have killed her. As much rage as Tyreese has we don't feel like she would have been able to fight him off.  We are hoping that Tyreese gets himself under control soon because he is a loose cannon as well.  His anger is starting to become a danger for the group, and he may be send packing as well if he can't get it under control.  A good example was the bushes, if he had just calmed down the group may not have been attacked by zombies.  He may cause his own life to be taken quicker if he can't stop going on these tangents that are borderline suicidal. However I do feel that if Carol is getting banned from the group so should Bob.  Bob has already caused so many issues and put his desire for liquor over the groups safety.  Isn't this part of why the group didn't want Merle around is because of his issues with Drugs and Alcohol?  Bobs liquor problem may be a problem for the group. In a normal World, drinking wouldn't be an issue, but when you have to be able to think as fast as they do Liquor isn't exactly the best thing to get a strait mind.  Most of what this group goes through is impossible to handle sober, let alone drunk.  We were a little shocked that Daryll let Bob continue on with the group.  To us, putting the group at risk for alcohol twice and the first time costing someone their life.  Regardless we are pumped for tonight's show and we can't wait. 

The Talking Dead
This weeks Talking Dead was much more enjoyable than last week.  We love watching the show for all the great behind the scenes, but we also like to see the celebrity guests and their perspective of the show.  However, last week when they had Marilyn Manson on the show it was a train wreck.  He couldn't even use the microphone properly let alone make any sense, and it was extremely hard to get through.  This week there were some excellent points that were made. WWE wrestler Chris Jericho, and Gillian Jacobs were on the show and host Chris Hardwick even said at one point that he and Chris Jericho should switch places because of the excellent points he made.  Jericho made so many good points that it really made the show.    I was actually thinking to myself after the show ended that they should have named the episode "letting go", and then guest and WWE wrestler made the point that this episode was all about letting go.  And he had some very valid points about how every person was letting go in their own way.  He pointed out that Tyreese was letting go of Karen, Rick was letting go of Carol, Carol was letting go of the group, and Bob was letting go of alcohol.  These were some very valid points because we felt like this was the episode of letting go.  We also feel there was some more aspects of letting go.  Carols and Rick were finally starting to let go of their loves ones, Sophia and Laurie.  Michonne was finally letting go of her anger, and was actually starting to question herself about her anger and if its worth it.  Bob we didn't feel was really letting go of Alcohol but he was trying to.  Daryl let some things go with Bob that he maybe shouldn't have.  There was so much letting go in this episode and its also one of the things we find most compelling about the show. This show isn't necessarily about zombies, but also about real life and how we deal with our problems.  How we deal with reality, and how we protect our loved ones.  Having a show relate to every problem in life is what makes it a great show.  The special preview at the end we wished it had more, but it was still a pretty good preview.  Dr S was very sick and Hershell was trying to help him, but as we saw in this preview his eyes were starting to bleed and come out of his head.  Which we all know is what happens right before people turn with this illness. Lets hope that Glenn and the rest of the group are not to this point of sickness as well.  WWE champion, made the point that the group needs someone that doesn't have kids and that is not emotionally attached.  We think this is true, but we don't feel like that person should be Carol.  It shouldn't be someone that is unstable and we feel like this is the only reason that Rick stopped making decisions.  Is because he knew he was not well enough mentally to make them. We do feel like there should be someone with a higher authority that does not have a lot of emotions and family members to get attached to.  The only person that could do this great of a job is Daryl.  However, we do feel like this group has really grown into a family and decisions should be made by everyone.  Have a council as they do now, although we do not think the result would have been different with Carol as a group decision.  We still think if everyone decided as a group that she would be gone. Maybe Daryl would disagree and it will be very interesting to see how Daryl reacts to Carol being banned.  Here is the trailer from last weeks Talking Dead they didn't include a lot in the special preview for the show, but watch it for more details on tonights episode.

In every Walking Dead blog we like to include some great zombie related books and places that we enjoy on a daily basis.  The first book I would like to mention is Brian Parker's GNASH it is a great zombie book and fulfills every zombie novel readers desire.  Also a great comic book for zombies (other than The Walking Dead) is Dan Conner's My Gal the Zombie.  Dan is one of our favorite illustrators and writers and we love every single one of his books.  We also love a few of our friends businesses that are right on set of The Walking Dead.  One Place is Senoia Coffee and Cafe, and the other is Woodbury Shoppe.  Both are on set so you can stop in and get some great food, merchandise, and even meet the cast and crew of The Walking Dead.  If you are anywhere near Georgia I would not miss either one of these spots.  The cafe has some great food that you won't find anywhere else, and the shoppe has some great merchandise that you also will not find anywhere else.  Both places have online ordering for some items if you are not in the Georgia area.  

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Geek News: Doctor Who 50th anniversary

For months, we have all been anticipating the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special.  There have been all kinds of suggestions for celebrating but we know one in particular that we can't wait for and that's the groundbreaking 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who.  This episode airs globally simultaneously on November 23rd on BBC and it is also in theaters on November 25th.  Everyone will get to see it Worldwide on the 29th of November so if your city is not participating in the showings on the 23rd or 25th you will still have the chance to catch it.  There are over 11 cities and 300 theaters participating nationwide in this anniversary special, and tickets are already available for purchase.  Don't wait until last minute because this is only in theaters on November 25th.  There is also a 3D showing so if you like the 3D movies we would suggest going to see it in 3D.  Doctor Who fans, watching it in the theatre will also give you some behind the scenes footage that you will not be able to see anywhere else.  This is going to be very popular so we would recommend getting your tickets now before the are gone.  Check your local listings, Fandango, or any online movie site to see what theaters are participating in your area. We also have some teasers for everyone that Stephen Moffatt revealed about the show and a preview that has already been released.  CAUTION: there may be a few spoilers since Moffat has given us all some juicy details about the special.  Even if you aren't a Doctor Who fan this is a geek must see.

BBC announced today that they are releasing another Doctor Who 50th Anniversary trailer on Saturday November 9th. We feel like we can't wait for the trailer to be released, let alone the 50th Anniversary special.  The minute tickets go on sale we plan on picking up some tickets. We love Doctor Who and feel like this has been years of anticipation instead of months for the 50th anniversary celebration. Fans across the globe have celebrated in their own way.  Some have petitioned to turn the empire state building blue, some are going all out and having a full on timelord party.  Regarless Doctor Who fans are stoked for the 50th anniversary.  Moffat revealed that this special would be very different from what we are normally use to with Doctor Who, that the focus may not be what we are expecting.  So far Moffat has revealed that there is an abrupt and awful disturbance in London's National gallery, a murderous plot that takes place in 1952, and somewhere in outer space there is a ancient battle with a tragic and shocking ending.   Moffat also revealed that the Doctors past comes back to haunt him.  We are thrilled for the 50th anniversary, to celebrate and watch the 50th anniversary special.  We can't wait to see David Tennant and Matt Smith in action together in an episode.  Also don't forget that there is the Doctor Who Prisoners of time comic book series that is made just for the 50th anniversary special.  This has been a series we have been enjoying and we are just as excited to see what the result is in the comic book series as we are in the anniversary special.  There are a series of 12 books, and since they are part of an anniversary special this is also a great collectors item. Either way don't miss the 50th anniversary special or the comic book series.

We have included the trailer that BBC one released already if you have not seen it, but don't miss another trailer this weekend with more exciting details when its released.  Please let us know what your plans are and how you plan to celebrate.  Please send us your pictures if you are celebrating in any way.  This year to celebrate, we are holding a contest and the best 50th anniversary Doctor Who picture will recieve $20 in merchandise of your choice.  Send us your Doctor Who pictures with your celebration and the fans pick the winner as usual.  Pictures are unlimited and the contest will run from November 23rd and the winner will be announced on December 15th, and the prize will be send out when the winner is announced.   This has to be Doctor Who related no other costumes or pictures will be accepted.  We currently have a standard costume contest for other costumes.  We will also be doing some Doctor Who trivia the week the special is released with some awesome Doctor Who prizes, be sure to stay tuned. 

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Geek News: Star Wars Episode VII

For months now we have all been anticipating for Disney to release information on Episode VII.  They did announce a few months back that there would be a series of three movies released every year, but all of us Star Wars fans want more information and that moment is finally here.

We are excited to announce that Star Wars Episode VII will be coming out December 18th 2015.  This seems like such a long time, but once its here we will see one movie every year for at least three years. Ever since Disney bought out Lucas Films we all been wondering how these new set of Star Wars movies will be and how the story line will play in.  Star Wars fans have such a high expectation of these movies, especially since Episode I, II, and III didn't excite many Star Wars fans like the old movies did.  Disney has made sure that the person who is repsonsible for the making of this movie is already a genious, JJ Abrams.  We think this could go really well or it could go really bad.  If Abrams is not careful and uses any ideas that were similar to Star Trek it will do nothing but disappoint Star Wars fans.  As much as we all love the Star Trek
movies we all know that these are two fandoms that we always want to keep seperated.  We are hoping that the Disney and Abrams team up produces a great Star Wars movie that all of us Star Wars geeks can enjoy, but we won't judge it either way until we see it for ourselves and see how much excitement and originality it can bring.  Any geek movie that Disney has made up to this point has not been terrible so we are hoping that continues with the next set of Star Wars movies.  One thing that confused us a little was the fact that Harrison Ford stated on many talk shows that he would be part of the new movies but now he is backing out saying that is not the case.  We are a little bummed that he won't even be making an appearance in the new movies.  There have been so many rumors about who is going to be on the cast list but nothing factual.  Hopefully when they release the cast of the new movie then it will bring even more exciement and give us an idea on a plot line.  Either way we are excited for this movie and cannot wait until a preview is released let alone the movie being released.  We are hoping that the excitement and anticipation that everyone will have over this movie doesn't ruin anything good that this movie has to offer. Let's face it there have always been a high set of expectation for Star Wars.  Hopefully we can all look forward to some epic Star Wars movies in the near future.  Let us know what your feelings are about the new movie.   

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Geeking 4 Everyone's top picks of the week (11-6-13)

Every week we like to give our fans the top ten books we recommend and plan on buying every week.  We also like to give one kids recommendation, and a collectors item.  These weekly blogs do not include any spoilers just a summary of the book usually provided by the comic book distributor.  We also release comic book reviews every Wednesday that do include reviews with spoilers. Keep in mind the covers we provide are our preference so it may not be available or you may prefer a different cover.  Make sure to go to the comic distributors for information on every variant released for the books. Here's our top ten for the week:

Action Comics #25:  We love all the Action comics books and always try and pick one up when one comes out.  This week an old character is being brought back in ZERO year, and you can expect lots of surprises.   A very overconfident superman is trying to save Gotham, an a woman from his past is doing the same exact thing only to a much smaller degree.  Eventually the two will run into each other.  Will this be good or bad?  Who is the woman from Superman's past?  Will Superman be able to save Gotham?  What character will will be seeing that is recreated? 

Amazing X-Men #1:  This is a brand new series that we have been looking forward to ever since Marvel X-Men Messiah Complex, The X-Men have felt a little hopeless without their friend.  However, they learn that Nightcrawler may still be alive.  Its up to Northstar, Firestar, Wolverine, Storm, Beast, and Iceman to try and bring back their friend.  Will they be able to bring back Nightcrawler?  Matermind Hulk artist,  Ed McGuiness and the old X-Men writer, Jason Aaron are teaming up to make this book one of the best things on the stand this month. 
made the announcement.  If you could only get one book this entire month this would be the book I would choose.  We are looking forward to this series and all the new series that Marvel announced at New York Comic Con this year that will be coming out in January.  Ever since Nightcrawler's death from the

Batman Black and White #3:  We have been collecting this new mini series since day one and we have enjoyed every book. We wish there were more than 6 books in this series, but unfortunately at six books this series will end.  These books are some adventures from some of the top artists and creators.  This week Lee Bermejo, Marv Wolfman and Riccardo Burchielli, Rian Hughes, Damion Scott, Paul Dini and Stephane Roux. We enjoyed reading the first two and loved the creativity and art in both books.  We can't wait to see what adventures they have for Batman Black and White #3.

Batman Superman #5:  We have been enjoying this series ever since it has been released.  Gamers this weeks issue is especially good for you to read.  When the new toy master comes up with a deadly weapon everything comes to life.  This is the ultimate fighting game and there is one target in mind, Batman.  Can Superman help Batman before the video game takes its first victim?  What other heroes will we see in the video game fighting in this battle?  

Doctor Who Prisoner's of time #10:  We have been enjoying this 50th anniversary collection, and its one of the first books we look for when a new list is released.  This book features the 10th Doctor and features all eleven of the reincarnations of The Doctor.  This week, The Doctor brings Martha to the 1950's in Los Angeles and they run into a movie crew who's members start to mysteriously disappear.  Will The Doctor and Martha be able to uncover the mystery of all the missing people?  There are three different covers with this book, and they ship randomly.  So keep in mind you may not get the one you want unless you pick up one from the store.

Forever Evil #3:  With all of the heros gone, it is up to some very unimaginable protectors to fight off Lex Luthor.   There is also a secret revealed about the Syndicate's mission and what it will mean for the future of the DC universe.  Who do you think the new hero's will be?  Do you think they will be able to fight off Lex Luthor?  What is in the future for the DC Universe?

Green Lantern #25:  It has been a while since we have read any Green Lantern so we are picking up this book to add to our collection this week.  We like the Black and White variant cover on this one so we hope to get this particular variant.  This week, there are some major decisions to be made with the Green Lantern Corporation and Hal is faced with some decisions.  However, everyone else may not agree with him so this could cause some issues.  Will Hal be able to resolve everything and get everyone else to agree with him?  Or will people leave the corporation and make it even weaker? Will anything happen while they are figuring out the solution? 

Ghostbusters #9:  It has been a while since we have read any Ghostbusters so we are picking up thisweek's book.  This book almost seems as if it should have come out last week in time for Halloween.  This week, Stingy Jack was rejected from Heaven and Hell so instead he is reeking havok in Manhattan.  The Ghostbusters must stop him before he burns the city into the ground.  The heroes will encounter lots of turmoil this Holiday season.  Will the Ghostbusters be able to stop Stingy Jack before he desroys the whole city?  

Kids Pick: Garfield #19:  We love being very adamant about how important comics are for kids.  Not only do they learn from reading but its something enjoyable to them so they want to read it and learn from their favorite cartoon characters or superheros. Garfield is always a great pick for the little ones.  Who doesn't love garfield?  In this issue there will be a series of thankful stories just in time for Thanksgiving.  We think its great when there is a kids book that has great literacy and also having an educational side to it.  Who better than to teach your little ones to be thankful for their food than Garfield?  There will be many tales of thanking and giving in this compilation of Thanksgiving stories.  If you are looking for more gender related books we would recommend My Little Pony or Transformers.  Either way your little ones should be satisfied this week.

Shadowman #12:  We have always enjoyed the Shadowman series.  This book will have a collection of stories of dead tales and beyond vs just one story so it should be a great one to enjoy.  There are many great creators and artists that worked on this book so either way you should not be disappointed.  We can't wait to see what stories they have in store for us this week.

Superman Unchained #4:  This is another book that we have been collecting since the first book was released and we are continuing on with our Superman Unchained collection this week.  There are a total of 11 different covers for this book, and this series was made to celebrate the 75th anniversary that takes place next year.  We want to get just about every variant for this book including the Jim Lee variants.  We picked this one for our blog because we like the old school look for the 75th anniversary.  This is the Silver Age variant.  In this issue, Superman is determined to stop Ascension's attack and has an encounter with Wraith.  Superman has no choice but to call in some friends for some help.  Who will win the battle?  What friends will join Superman as allies to help him?   The cover we have shown is the variant cover that we hope to pick up.  We love the old school covers so this one is our favorite of them all.


Collectors Item of the Week:  We like to give one collector's item every week that we plan on picking up.
  We like to suggest one rare book and then an item that is released for the week that is not a book.  This week, DC comic is releasing its first line of new action figures for Arkham Origins.  There are several differnt ones, Batman, Joker, Bane, etc.  These run about $24.99 a piece.  Comic and game collectors I would not miss these action figures.

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