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Book Review: Adventures of the Horndribbles: Zapp and the Oogah-Oogah Nut

The Honrdribbles is an adventurous and exciting Children's book series that we absolutely love.  Its fun, educational and it has wonderful features for the little ones.  Not only are the Horndribbles a book, but all the characters also have plush toys to get the little ones extra excited.  Lucas and Devon turn this book into a wonderful adventure for kids and they also go above and beyond to support their fans.

Originally we found out about The Horndribbles through the Denver Comic Con Facebook page.  We take an interest in any artist or talent that Denver Comic Con recommends so immediately we grew an interest for the Kickstarter Campaign.  I was contacted by Devon just for showing an interest and I can say I was very pleased at the overall appreciation they give to their fans and all their supporters.  They also make some great videos with their Kickstarter campaign that any child would love.   One thing I always remembered about my childhood memories was being a fan of an author or writer that has a kids fun personality and also someone who was as heartwarming as my own family. Lucas does such a great job at entertaining and welcoming the little ones into his imagination with his books.   The Kickstarter ended just a few days ago and it is for the second book to be released.  We picked up the first book and we could not be more pleased with the amazing art, writing, creativity, and educational value this book holds.  We cannot wait for the second book and this would be a first time in a while that we are excited for a children's book to be released that was not a comic.  The Kickstarter goal was sucessfully met and also exceeded their goal.  The books are not only great, but The Horndribbles also offer some great plush toys for all the characters.  Not only will your little ones enjoy the books, but they will also be able to read their favorite books while holding a great toy that is a character in the book. We loved the first book so much that we wanted to do a review, but if you have not read it please purchase it before reading our review so we don't spoil anything for you.

The first book, The Adventures of the Horndribbles Zapp and the Oogah-Oogah Nut is a fun and Adventurous book.  It will take your kids on a fun adventure, and they will also learn a few educational life lessons along the way.  The main character is Annabelle, and one thing I love is she is a kid with an imagination to encourage your child to expand their imagination.  Starting the book, off Annabelle takes us on an adventure to Horndribble Island with her friends the Horndribbles Hux, Mosby, Meeks, and Zapp.  She tells us a story with wonderful imagination, art, and creativity.  The Adventure starts when all the furry friends are sitting by the creek and Zapp sees an Oogah-Oogah nut floating down the creek and decides to go after it. All the friends thought Zapp was in trouble because he was floating towards the waterfall.  Hux jumped in the creek to save him while the other friends, Meeks and Mosby were on the side of the creek trying to help.  Zapp was never really in trouble, but his friends thought he was and did everything they possibly could to save him.  One great thing about the storyline in this book is it teaches kids to look out for their friends and be kind and helpful. It also teaches them to work as a team to find a solution when there is a problem.  We love the books that take kids on an adventurous ride and teach them life lessons at the same time.  Zapp was never really in trouble but his friends helped him anyways, even when they felt like it was impossible to help him.

On the Geeking 4 Everyone geek scale this book gets a 10 out of 10.  Out of all the Children's books we read with our kids this has been our favorite in a long time, and if you haven't gotten it already please go to their website and check out their book.  The second one will come out from the Kickstarter Campaign next year.  Also don't forget they have amazing plush toys to go with the books.  Give your kids, grand kids, nieces, and nephews the fun and educational experience of The Adventures of the Horndribbles.

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