Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Denver Comic Con: Guest Announcement #2

Ever since last year's Denver Comic Con ended we have been pumped for DCC 2014, and so many great guests have been revealed already.  Micheal Rooker, and more incredible guests have been added to next years event. Three more guests have been added and we can't wait to see them as well as some additional amazing guests for Denver Comic Con 2014. 

Buffy fans, Nicholas Brendon is coming to Denver Comic Con 2014.  Most likely you know him as Xander on his seven year run with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Right now Brandon has a role on Criminal Minds.  He is also known for other shows such as Private Practice and Kitchen Confidential. We are excited to see him with all the other Buffy fans at DCC2014.

Veronica Taylor was also added to the guest list for next year.  You might be most familiar with her role as the voice of April O Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Her most recent work is.  We have always been a fan of Veronica's and especially from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and we are excited to see her at Denver Comic Con 2014.  Some of her other voice acting roles include but are not limited to: Dinosaur King, Lunch Lab, World Word, and, Yu-Gi-Oh.  Veronica has also had appearances in many video games as well as commercials.  Denver Comic Con always gets such talented voice actors and we can't wait to see Veronica as well as some others at Denver Comic Con 2014.

One thing we love about Denver Comic Con is the artists and writers.  And one artists they have added to the guest list is Yanick Paquette.  If you are not familiar with Yanick's work he has been a penciller for DC, Marvel, Wildstorm, Topps and Vertigo Comics.  Some of Yanick's more popular titles include but are not limited to: The Avengers, Civil War: X-Men, Codename: Knockout, Gambit, Gen¹³, Superman, Swamp Thing, Ultimate X-Men, Wolverine, Weapon X, and X-Men.  Currently he is illustrating and partnering up with Grant Morrison in their new Graphic Novel Wonderman: Earth One.  Yanick is such a great artist and we cannot wait to see him at Denver Comic Con 2014.  

Denver Comic Con not only holds one of the best cons in the nation, but there are also some great benefits when you attend.  The main benefit in going to Denver Comic Con is the proceeds go to Comic Book Classroom, a literacy program for kids.  Not only will you be attending one of the best cons in the nation, but you will also be contributing to what matters the most, our kids and future kids.  Comic Book Classroom has excellent panels and activities throughout the con, and we felt like all 4 of our tickets were easily paid for in the activities the kids participated in.  If you have kids, not only will they have a great time seeing some of their favorite celebrities, but they also get the enjoyment of participating in so many kids activities.  There are even several panels for the kiddos on how to make their own comics, and they also will get the fun joy in making comics of their own.  Even if you don't have kids, you have the excitement of attending one of the best cons in the nation and also getting the joy of contributing to little ones while you are doing it.  Comic Book Classroom arranges excellent after school programs at various schools across the state to help kids learn how to read, write, and write their own comics.  For more information on Comic Book Classroom please be sure to visit their website and Facebook page.  They also have excellent pamphlets you can print from DCC's website.  Please come and join us for all the excitement at Denver Comic Con next year and contribute to children just by attending.  Stay tuned for more guest announcements this year, and please make sure you subscribe to Denver Comic Con's newsletter. 

Blog written by:  Geeking 4 Everyone

Pictures and Information on guests found from:  https://www.facebook.com/DenverComicCon

Denver Comic Con:  http://denvercomiccon.com/

Comic Book Classroom:  http://www.comicbookclassroom.org/

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