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Comic Book Review: Dan Conner's, My Gal the Zombie 2013 reviews

Dan Conner's, My Gal, The Zombie is one of My favorite comic books and I am here to review the books that came out in 2013.  Dan releases a new issue and gets better and better every season, and gets me even more pumped for the next issue.  One thing I love about Dan Conner's work is it deals with a lot of prejudices.  Chelsea is the main character and its all about her fitting in with the culture around her, even though she is a zombie. I love how My Gal, The Zombie relates to life and how someone can solve a problem of their own just by reading this awesome comic.  If you have not read Dan Conner's My Gal, The Zombie, we encourage you to pick it up before reading any further as this blog has many spoilers.  I met Dan Conner through my friends at Mile High Comics and I couldn't have been more pleased to find a great new friend and also some awesome reading material that is so unique and creative.  A lot of Dan's books are at Mile High Comics so make sure when you stop in there that you get pick up some of his books as well. 

My Gal, The Zombie 2013 Summer Special
This was the first full issue that was released of My Gal, The Zombie.  Another great thing about this issue is it includes Dan's 24 hour comic, Captivated.  Something that impressed me right from the beginning with Dan was how fast he can draw.  Captivated is also a great treat to enjoy in this book. Starting the book off the first comic strip is called Fashion Zombie. Chelsea has a date with her boyfriend Carter and she is struggling with what to wear, and also the makeup since her complexion is green.  Chelsea and her friend are dealing with her hair and makeup and then Carter picks up Chelsea to go out on their date. They go to a restaurant and the waitress refuses to serve them because she is a zombie.  Don't forget Dan also has Chelsea's makeup available for purchase on his website.  The second comic in the book is called Plants vs My Gal, The Zombie.  Starting off, Chelsea and her friend are at the beach and they come across a Venus fly trap.  Of course being the curious girls that they are, they decide to check it out and Chelsea gets bit.  Because Chelsea is a zombie the fly trap grew into a zombie venus fly trap after it bit Chelsea.  Then the girls try and run but the fly trap gets Chelsea.  She finally breaks loose and then the girls decide to take their new friend home and plant it in Chelsea's backyard.  I loved this comic strip, thought it was funny, and also had a little bit of an action twist to it.  Right after reading this one I couldn't wait for the next My Gal, The Zombie.  The next strip in this book is Dan Conner's comic, Captivated.  If you don't know what the 24 Hour comic challenge is, it's a competition where creators have to make a comic in 24 hours.  I always love watching the creators do these books at cons and events.  Captivated is about a King and Queen with a romantic twist to it.  I wase very impressed with this comic because it was just as good as the rest of Dan's Comics.   I loved this one and Dan did such an amazing job with it.   On the Geeking 4 Everyone scale this book gets a 10 out of 10.

My Gal The Zombie 2013 Autumn Special
I also loved the Autumn issue of My Gal, The Zombie, there are some great stories in here just in time for Halloween.  Just like the Summer Special it also has another comic called Jerry The Werewolf.  Its great getting these books and not only reading one of our favorites My Gal, The Zombie, but they also include at least one other great comic as well.  In this Autumn Special, there are a lot of mini comic strips and we absolutely loved them all.  Starting the book off the first strip is Disguise Dilemma. Chelsea is struggling with what to wear for Halloween. She is struggling because her complexion is already green, so Halloween is every day for Chelsea.  The next strip in the book is called Purby vs Tippy.  Purby is Chelsea's cat and hasn't taken too kindly to other pets in the house.  As you can remember from the Autumn Special, Tippy is the venus fly trap that Chelsea took home from the beach. The two don't exactly get along, so there is a little bit of humor in this one with Tippy and Purby.  The next one is one of my personal favorites called Chelsea in Mile High City Comics.  Chelsea and her friend are talking about comics, and some of our personal favorite places here in Denver are talked about.  The girls talk about and argue about how Denver isn't a major city so our comics aren't as good.  I could almost jump in that debate because we all know we have the best comic retailer in not just the United States but the World.  In Colorado, we are the only ones that get to experience all the luxuries at Mile High Comics.  Everyone in the World gets to experience their incredible online comics service, with more variety than you will get anywhere else.  Being in Denver or while visiting, you get to experience one of the largest comics warehouses that you will see, and events that will blow your mind.  Just in the last year at Mile High Comics we have met Neal Adams, Chris Claremont, Jim Shooter, many other amazing artists, creators, writers, and let's not forget Dan Conner.  I would have to side with Chelsea on this one that we do have the best Comics because we have Mile High. Some of my favorite charities are also listed.  The first one is Comic Book Classroom.  If you have read our Denver Comic Con blogs and have been to Denver Comic Con you know how great the benefits of Comic Book Classroom can be.  Comic Book Classroom is a literacy program for kids to help them write, illustrate, and create comic books of their own.  This is the best program for kids and the little ones learn so much from the great after school programs that Comic Book Classroom has set up.  When you attend Denver Comic Con, the proceeds go to Comic Book Classroom.  The third thing is another charity that we absolutely love, and that's Aurora Rise.  I am sure everyone remembers when the Aurora movie theater tragedy happened.  Well Aurora Rise is the wonderful organization that contributes to the victims.  They have raised so much money in helping the victims pay for medical bills, and any other expenses or loss of wages that people experienced from the shooting. They have helped so many of the victims and its such a relief to have such a wonderful organization take care of those who suffered.  Denver has such great things to offer and I was so glad that Dan expressed that through his comic.  Make sure to check out all three places and their websites.  The next strip is not pertaining to Chelsea or My Gal, The Zombie.  Its called Jerry the Werewolf.  We also enjoyed this one and love how Dan switches up his comics.  We love My Gal, The Zombie but its also nice to read some of his other work as well.  Jerry and the Werewolf is a fun, comedic horror story and was also a great story that we loved. I loved the My Gal The Zombie Summer Special and I can't wait for more My Gal, The Zombie.  On the Geeking 4 Everyone scale this book gets a 10 out of 10. 

Dan Conner is one of my personal favorite artists and writers.  Not only is Dan awesome to his fans but his My Gal, The Zombie is a great comic book, but Dan also did a Kickstarter Campaign recently for My Gal, the Zombie to be a Graphic Novel and Soundtrack.  The project met and exceeded the goal, and I can't wait to get my copy of one of my favorite comics in a Graphic Novel.  I loved both My Gal, The Zombie books and can't wait for more.  Make sure if you have not gotten this book to do so.  I fell in love with My Gal, The Zombie right off the bat and I get so pumped every time Dan releases a new one.  There is also a book being released today by Antarctic Press called  A Very Zombie Christmas.  This book is composed of a compilation of different stories from great artists and writers.  This book  was also chosen this week as one of our top ten in our weekly comic picks.  My Gal, the Zombie is also featured in this book and we cannot wait to read this book when we receive it on Wednesday.  This is a book I have been anticipating for a long time and I can't wait to read one of our favorite comic strips, as well as some great stories from other artists and writers. Either way, make sure you pick up Dan Conner's My Gal, The Zombie comic book and also the Graphic Novel once its released.  Also make sure you pick up A Very Zombie Christmas.  And also for the most exciting news, My Gal, the Zombie is going to be made into a film.  When I found this out I almost fell out of my chair with excitement.   I have included all of Dan's information at the end of this blog so please be sure to check out his website and his Facebook page.  Also be sure to check out Mile High Comics, Denver Comic Con, Comic Book Classroom, and Aurora Rise.  Dan not only has My Gal The Zombie, but he also has a lot of other great books and prints. 
talent continues to astound us daily.  One thing I love about Dan's creativity is how it really relates to real life and how you can relate solve a problem of your own by reading one of his amazing books.  The best books, TV shows, and movies are the ones where you can watch or read them and relate to real life.  Something about relating an entertainment to real life is just amazing.  Dan also has so many other great things coming up.

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