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Geeking 4 Everyone's Weekly comic picks (12-4-13)

Every week we like to give our fans the top ten books we recommend and plan on purchasing each week.  We also like to give one kids recommendation in addition to our top ten. These weekly blogs do not include any spoilers just a summary of the book usually provided by the comic book distributor.  We also release comic book reviews every Wednesday that do include reviews with spoilers. Keep in mind the covers we provide are our preference so it may not be available or you may prefer a different cover.  Make sure to go to the comic distributors for information on every variant released for the books.  Over the next few months, there are some amazing titles and new series released to celebrate several anniversaries and we cannot wait.  Here's our top ten for the week:

Action Comics #26:  We have always loved this series and try to pick up a new book once its released.  There is tons of excitement in this weeks book and we can't wait to pick it up.  This week, Superman is stuck in between a dangerous alien and the robot that the United States Army that was send to kill it.  Will Superman be able to get out of this situation?  We picked the Black and White Variant for this cover.  We love the art on this black and white variant so this is the one we are picking up.

Amazing X-Men #2:  When we picked up the first book of this series we loved it and couldn't wait for the next book.  We have always loved X-Men and this is another series we always try to get when a new book comes out.  With this only being the 2nd book in this series its a great time to start collecting.  In this weeks book, the X-Men are on the search for The Nightcrawler when they get separated.  Only the X-Men are not just lost, they are also finding themselves in some very strange places.  Wolverine and Northstar somehow end up mysteriously in heaven. Where is the rest of the team and what kind of places did they find themselves in?  

Batman/Superman #6:  This is another book we are excited for this month from DC Comics.  We also picked the Black and White Variant on this book.  This week, the whole World is in fear of Mongul and it will take just about everything Batman and Superman has to stop him.  The whole World will be in great devastation is Batman and Superman can't stop Mongul.  Do you think they will be able to stop him?  Or will Mongul continue with his path of destruction?

 Deadpool #20:  We love this series, there has been lots of excitement and tons of traditional Deadpool humor in this series.  Out of all the Deadpool series out right now this is the one we have enjoyed the most.  We haven't been crazy about the Deadpool vs Deadpool so this is our series of choice for our favorite merc with a mouth.  This week, there's another flashback into Deadpool's past and some revelations will be discovered.  Deadpool also causes trouble on a planetary level.  What secrets do you think will be revealed about Deadpool's past?  What is Deadpool up to now? 

Doctor Who Vol. 3 #16:  We love Doctor Who and we always pick a book up when a new one is released.  Just like waiting for the show, we feel like waiting for the books is just as hard of a wait.  If you love zombies, then this is just the book for you because there will be plenty of zombies and aliens.  It's Deadman's Hand part 4 of 4 and the wild timelord adventures continue.  In this weeks book, the people in Deadwood are trying to fight off a zombie attack and there are also a few other surprises in store for you.  Do you think the Doctor and everyone else will be able to save Deadwood or the World from this envasion? 

 Kids Pick: Regular Show #7:  We love the series Regular Show for the little ones because it is great for getting their imaginations going.  Just when they think they have figured out the book or the story it throws them by surprise. There is tons of excitement in this series that kids of all ages will love.  There is also a Garfield coming out this week if you don't think your kids will like this one.

Quantum and Woody #6:  This is  one of favorite series from Valiant and we have always enjoyed Quantum and Woody.  This week, Quantum and Woody have gotten themselves into a possible self destruction mission.  And even if the duo makes it out alive it could mean a whole different World of problems.  Will the dynamic duo make it out of the mission?  If they do make it out what trouble is awaiting them? 

Star Wars #4 Lucas Draft:  We are enjoying this Lucas Draft Star Wars series, and just about any time wen we try and get Star Wars comics and novels. There are four more books left in this series and you can expect this weeks book to be extra exciting.  This series is the adaptation of George Lucas's original rough-draft screenplay.  General Skywalker and his Jedi in training, Annakin Starkiller have a dangerous confrontation with some riding Stormtroopers.  The confrontation leads them to a Cantina with .the crook, Han Solo and things get even more dangerous for our Jedi's.  Will they be able to over come one of the biggest battles in the desert?  

Shadowman #13:  Shadowman is another one of our favorties from Valiant, and this weeks book has us extra pumped.  When a disturbed man, Jack with a rough history of violence and blackouts meets an very large source of power the results end up being devastating.  Once he wakes up after believing he was possessed he must uncover the mystery and pick up the pieces.  Will Jack be able to uncover the mystery?  Was he really possessed or is this part of his history with blackouts?

Superior Spider-Man #23:  We have been enjoying this series there have been some incredible artists and writers through out this series, and it has been a great all around action packed comic.  In this weeks book, its the Darkest Hours part 2 of 4 and after Octavius makes a big decision in his life it also affects Flash Thompson and it could be the end on venom.  Marvel called this "One of the most cringe-worthy moments in ALL of Spidey-history!"  This is one issue of Spidey that you will not want to miss.  You can also expect to see an appearance from the Green Goblin.  Do you think its the end of Flash Thompson?  What else do you think will happen with Green Goblin?

X-Men Legacy:  This series has been pumped with action and surprises and we have been thoroughly enjoying this series.  This week, Professor X has broken loose into the real World, and there could be a lot of people in danger. Its also Legion's final showdown with the monster.  Who will wain?  What kind of terror and trouble is Professor X going to cause?  

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