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Geeking 4 Everyone's Weekly Comic Picks (12-11-13)

Every week we like to give our fans the top ten books we recommend and plan on purchasing each week.  We also like to give one kids recommendation in our top ten. These weekly blogs do not include any spoilers just a summary of the book usually provided by the comic book distributor.  We also release comic book reviews every Wednesday that do include reviews with spoilers. Keep in mind the covers we provide are our preference so it may not be available or you may prefer a different cover.  Make sure to go to the comic distributors for information on every variant released for the books.  Over the next few months, there are some amazing titles and new series released to celebrate several anniversaries and we cannot wait.  There are some great books this week and some great books coming out in the next few weeks just in time for Christmas.  Don't forget to get some comics as gifts and stocking stuffers.  Mile High Comics also has gift cards if you want to give comics or books as a gift and want to give the person you are gifting the choice in what comics they get. Here's our top ten for the week:

Batman #26:  We have been enjoying this Batman series, and we always love picking up a new Batman when it comes out.  There are some amazing artists and writers in this series, and so far we have picked up every book.  This week, ZERO YEAR continues and Gotham is in complete disarray after the Riddler has torn through it.  Batman and Jim Gordon must work together to help put Gotham back together.  Will they be able to do it? What troubles will Batman and Jim Gordon run into along the way? 

Batman Black and White #4:  Out of all the Batman series this has been one of our favorites.  There have been some amazing artists working on this series.  We have picked up the first three and have loved every one.  We also have the older Black and White series that we have also loved reading over the years.  Neal Adams has been one of our favorites in the series but this week working on this book there is also some great talent: Nathan Edmondson,Kenneth Rocafort, Dustin Nguyen, Michael Allred, David Macho, Ruben Pellejero and Sean 'Cheeks' Galloway are all working on this weeks book and we can't wait to pick it up.  If you are not familiar with the Black and White series it is composed of a variety of stories, so if you want to know whats in it you have to buy it to find out.  This is one series I would not miss. There are two more books in this series out of six books total in this series.

Cable and X-Force #17:  We have always enjoyed this series and you can expect this weeks book to be very exciting.  This week, Forge is on a Warpath and is ready to unleash on Cable and X-Force.  What will happen?  Will they be able to stop him?  There are some amazing artists and writers on this weeks book so don't miss out.

Justice League #25: This is always a series that we have enjoyed and we try to pick up at least one Justice League book a month to add to our collection.  This week, FOREVER EVIL continues and the few heroes that are left are in danger.  Owlman and Ultraman also have other plans in store for Nightwing.  Will the heroes be able to escape the danger?  Will Nightwing be able to do fight against the plans that Owlman and Ultraman have for him?  This weeks book will have you on the edge of your seat and extra excited.  

Kids pick: Adventure Time Candy Capers #6:  We love Adventure time for the little ones, it is a great series for the little ones.  It is fun and educational.  The kids also love it because it is a favorite cartoon for kids on Television.  But don't be fooled by this Kid's pick because many adults also enjoy Adventure Time.  This is the last book in this series and the conclusion to a fun and sweet journey.  If you are looking for more gender related books there is also a great Ninja turtles and My Little Pony coming out this week.  Comic books make great gifts and stocking stuffers so make sure you load up just in time for the holidays.

Gold Digger Christmas Special #7:  If you are in the mood for a holiday book or looking for a holiday book to give as a gift then this is the book you should get.  The Gold Digger friends will be getting together to celebrate, and if you are a fan of Gold Digger this is one you will not want to miss.  We will also be suggesting another great Holiday book from Antarctic closer to the Holidays.

Superman Wonder Woman #3:  This is a series we have been enjoying recently and we have picked up every book since one has been released.  In this weeks book, Zod is free and Superman and Wonder Woman must stop him before he receives an advantage to his powers through the sun.  DC Comics gave the hint that this may be the last time we see Superman and Wonder Woman together.  Will Superman and Wonder Woman be able to stop Zod?  What other problems will step in the way of their fate? 

Unity #2:  Unity is a series that has not been out in a while and Valiant brought it back and we could not have been more pleased with the first book.  Usually the first book in a lot of comic book series gives a lot of background.  Well the first book did this and there was also plenty of action to go around.  This is a series we have missed and valiant could not have brought it back more brilliantly.  Not only have we always been a fan of Matt Kindt's work, but Neal Adams also did a variant cover for the first book.  This series is amazing and we highly recommend picking up every book in the series.  We also love how Valiant is tying the stories together on Unity and X-O Manowar.  This week, Unity must take down X-O Manowar and also fend off nuclear war.  Just like last weeks book, it sounds like Unity is in a little over their heads. 

Walking Dead #118:  The 10th Anniversary collection was such a genius idea from Robert Kirkman and we have been loving this series.  The first book, Walking Dead #115 was the most rare of them all and if you were lucky enough to attend a Walking Dead party at a comic book store, then you were lucky enough to pick one or all of the 14 variants.  We have been lucky enough to get every issue so far from our friends at Mile High Comics.  They have either given away every issue free with an online order, or by a party at their Jason Street Mega Store.  If you have not picked up the books in this series, we highly recommend you do so.  In this weeks book, ALL OUT WAR continues and it is starting to get very intense.  This week, Maggie takes charge while Rick is developing a new plan.  What will happen in ALL OUT WAR?  What do you think Rick is planning next?  We will be reviewing all books on comic book Wednesday starting this week, so please be sure to check out our reviews for this anniversary series and let us know what you think.

Wolverine #12:  We have always loved Wolverine, and this books week will have you on the edge of you seat with extra excitement.  This book will change storyline and Wolverine as we have known him for all these years.  Wolverine is confronted with a mastermind that also has a bounty out for him.  The virus is also at its final stages and is about to take over the human population.  What will happen?  Is the human race going to be infected with the virus?  How will Wolverine be changed forever?  

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