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The Walking Dead: Recap and Review of Episode 7

Continuing on from last weeks episode of the Walking Dead this week was all about The Governor again,and we see him in a whole different way this week.  We start to see the old Governor that we had all grown to love and hate at the same time and in this weeks episode he was more ruthless than ever.  This weeks episode was not only packed with action but it also answered a lot of questions for us that we were pondering since the beginning of the season. We are of course pumped for tonights episode which is also the mid season finale.

The episode started off withThe Governor and the little girl, Megan.  The Governor was playing Chess with her while doing a few chores here and there.  Then The Governor starts to flash back when they fell into the pit and Martinez rescued them.  Martinez made it clear that he is in charge and won't take any order from The Governor, so if he wants to stay with the group he is taking orders from him this time.  The Governor agrees and then they proceed back to the camp.   The Governor was flashing back on all this while he was already with Megan at the camp, and we thought it was brilliant to do it this way.   Shortly after he started flashing back Megan started talking about how she thought she was a bad person.  And then The Governor assured her that she was a good person, however he could not assure her the same about him.  After they were done playing Chess all the boys at the camp including The Governor and Martinez went on a run for food and ammo.  On their run they came across some dead bodies and several of the dead bodies read things like "Murderer" or "Rapist", and The Governor and Martinez both seemed a little startled.  They then continued on into the house and had to fight off a few zombies along the way.   There were two brothers in the group named Mitch and Pete.  Pete was very timid, and almost seemed weak at times like he couldn't fight off a zombie.  Had sort of the warming personality that Rick does, but also doesn't have what it takes to protect a camp. Pete had a more of a heartless personality similar to The Governor.  Once they gathered food and The Governor saved Mitch they all sat around the fireplace.  Martinez told The Governor that the only reason he didn't kill him down in the pit was to save the little girl and if it hadn't been for her he would have killed him.  He also told The Governor that he thought he had changed.Meanwhile, back at the camp we discover that Tara finds a companion and is more into girls than boys.  The Governor and the rest of the boys return to camp and then everyone sits down at the picnic table for a meal like they are one happy family.  Martinez starts to talk about Woodbury and it looked like The Governor was going to freak out but he didn't.  Then later Martinez knocked on The Governors door and said he had a surprise for him.  He then brought him on top of the camper for some drinking and golfing.  Then BOOM, out of nowhere The Governor beats Martinez over the head with his gold club.  He then drags Martinez into the zombie pit and feeds him slowly to the zombies.  Then as he's doing it he starts screaming "No, No, Don't do it" almost as if he was trying to stop from killing him but another personality was taking over.  After that the next morning the group finds Martinez in the pit and assumes that he got drunk and fell into the zombie pit.  The Governor or no one else was suspected of foul play and then Pete was placed in charge.  The rest of the group did not seem happy but Pete explained this as being temporary.  Then it was time to go on another run so Pete, The Governor, and Mitch all went to look for more food and supplies.  They come across another camp with people that have tons of supplies.  So they go plan and figure out how they are going to raid the camp and then when they get back a few minutes later, someone else had already beat them to the punch.  The Governor and Mitch were very angry and discouraged.  Pete did not want to have any part in killing the camp for supplies which also made the other two boys angry. There was a man at the camp that was not quite dead yet, and Mitch then killed him.  Pete was not happy with this, or the fact that the other two boys were willing to kill other people for supplies. Once they got back to camp The Governor seemed almost as if he was going to have a mental breakdown and told the girls he wanted to leave.  They got all packed up, left, and then on their way out they were stopped in the road by some kind of mud pit with tons of zombies.  So then they decided to go back to the camp.  The Governor then decided to kill Pete when he returned and then told Mitch that he killed him.  Mitch seemed a little bothered by it, but not like most people would if someone had just killed their brother.  After taking out two more people, plus plenty of biters it looks like The Governor we all learned to hate is back in action.  His next plan is to take on the prison and so tonight we might possibly see another War between The Governor and the prison.  We just hope to at least find out Daryl's reaction to Carol getting banned and some other action. 

We thought this weeks episode was not only compelling and exciting as The Walking Dead always is, and it also revealed a lot of things we had all been wanting to know for a long time.  Some people have not liked the last few episodes, but we feel like they are just as good as any.  We felt like having some back story about The Governor was necessary, since his past and his mentality was never really talked about before in depth. And once again we found out throughout the episode that The Governor isn't the innocent person that the show tried to lead on last week.  The show has tried to make The Governor look good several times, even at Woodbury.  And Martinez may have bought it but we certainly didn't.  For us we never thought he was necessarily evil, just extremely deranged and incapable of changing his ways.  We think the governor tries to be good but he is so deranged that he has a hard time controlling his own actions.  When he killed Martinez in tonight's episode, he was screaming "No, don't do it" over and over almost like there were two personalities trying to take over.    I will honestly say though even after reading all the Walking Dead comic books, novels and reading all the back stories on the governor that we have not once felt sorry for the man.  He may have been through a lot, but so has everyone else in the series.  Everyone else has lost a wife and a daughter and many more. Being a psychopath just isn't a choice in the World of The Walking Dead.  There isn't room for any loose cannons or time to help those people.  Fighting for survival is enough, let alone trying to worry about a psychopath near or close to you. Anyone that can't be trusted gets eliminated, and we don't feel it should be any different for The Governor.  He may not be able to control some of his actions but this doesn't make us feel any differently about the person he is.  Most mentally ill people we all have a tendency to feel sorry for, but not the governor because he has had the chance to redeem himself so many times.  We are not sure the governor was ever really sane, even when he had his wife and his daughter.  We learn in this episode that he was abused as a child and we are thinking this is what send him over the edge originally.  Reading The Walking Dead novels there is so much back story about the governor covered and even then we really don't feel compelled to feel sorry for the man.  Yes its sad that he lost his wife and his daughter, but so have many others.  We also thought it was interesting how The Governor only killed off people that seemed heartless.  He only killed off Martinez and the one brother that he thought couldn't break down and kill people.  Its almost like The Governor only wanted ruthless people in his group, and only people that could be out for blood with no remorse. There have been several scenarios with The Governor that we don't think he has been able to control.  Learning that The Governor was close to the Prison for quite some time wasn't a shock to us and something we predicted from the very beginning. We feel the governor has been causing a lot more trouble then just stalking around the prison.  We predicted from the beginning of the show that someone was feeding the walkers and also that it seemed too coincidental that only the people from Woodbury were getting sick, and we still feel this way.  We have a feeling that sickness either came from Woodbury or maybe from the governor feeding the zombies rats.  Either way, we think he's been causing turmoil at the prison from day one. Challenging the prison didn't go well for The Governor last time and we don't feel it will be any different this time.  We just hope that in the meantime that he doesn't take out any more casualties at the prison.  Another thing we thought was great was having a character that is Gay.  Its really hard to accept love in the World they live in and we thought it was an excellent idea to involve a gay character.  One of the things we love about The Walking Dead so much is the diversity in the show and how they always make a character for some fan to relate to.  This is one of the things that makes this show so incredible and we can't wait to see more characters in the future for fans to relate to. We are pumped for tonights episode and can't wait to see what the outcome is of The Governor trying to take over the prison.  Tonight's episode is the mid season finale and we cannot wait.  We enjoyed these few episodes with The Governor and his back story, but we are ready to get back to the prison.  We have included a video clip for you for tonight's finale.  Let us know what you think of the season so far and the Mid Season Finale.  We will be doing a Mid season review, episode review, and tons of other Walking Dead coverage to keep you occupied in the meantime until the season starts back up again. 

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